Wesleyan’s strengths in language studies, study abroad, civic engagement, and social justice coalesce in the global engagement minor, offered by the Fries Center for Global Studies. The minor reflects the center's emphasis on intercultural communication, experience, and knowledge, and the value placed on adaptability, compassion, and cultural self-awareness. These qualities and practices put the program at the forefront of global education and are the hallmark of responsible global citizenship. 

What You'll Study

  • The minor is comprised of the half-credit "Introduction to Global Engagement" seminar; intermediate proficiency in two or more foreign languages; four full-credit courses dealing with at least three world regions; and a half-credit capstone seminar.
  • Global engagement students are also required to choose an off-campus experience as part of their studies. This is meant to be a focus for reflection with fellow cohort members and via e-portfolios. Options for satisfying this requirement include study abroad, as well as internationally-focused internships, service-learning, or research experiences.