Willkommen to an active, engaged, and motivated community of students and teachers. German studies at Wesleyan is an interdisciplinary program that offers courses taught in German at all levels of proficiency, courses taught in English on a wide range of subjects, and excellent opportunities for study abroad. To become fluent, students should start learning German, or continue learning the language, in their first semester. A minor is also offered.

Students who majored or minored in German studies have pursued careers in fields ranging from law and journalism to the sciences, education, business, and the arts, among others.

What You'll Study

  • Wesleyan's German language courses develop communicative competence in German along with the skills of reading and writing. Courses taught in English focus on German-speaking countries’ specific historical experiences and those countries' many contributions to world culture.

  • As a German major at Wesleyan, you'll complete nine credits worth of courses, with at least five taught in German above GRST 211: Intermediate German. 

  • The department recognizes the diversity of students’ interests and goals by giving majors great flexibility in designing their programs of study.

  • As a major, you'll be strongly encouraged to spend a semester on the department’s approved study abroad program in Hamburg or Berlin as early as your fourth semester. 

Minor Requirements

The German studies minor requires six course credits: four above the level of GRST 211 taught entirely in German and two that may be taken in either English or German.