IDEAS—short for Integrated Design, Engineering, and Applied Science—is a dynamic interdisciplinary minor focused on the creative intersection of those three fields. Hosted and administered by the College of Integrative Sciences, IDEAS draws from such varied fields such as digital design, the arts, architecture, geology, biology, and physics. 

From the outset, students develop a sophisticated understanding of the making and designing process through hands-on, collaborative, project-based work. It’s an intentional departure from traditional engineering training, with practical experiences unfolding at the same time as theoretical learning.

The skills developed through this minor can be applied in countless settings—from design studios to science labs, from architectural firms to tech startups.

What You'll Study

  • In the two core courses required for the minor, students gain a foundation in both technical and aesthetic aspects of design. Project-based studies in collaborative groups are a hallmark of these courses.

  • The remainder of the minor (four additional credits) includes courses in any of 13 different fields that span design and engineering disciplines.