Because sharing analytical approaches and ways of thinking between disciplines can lead to important advances, analytical approaches using informatics and modeling are becoming increasingly important in many fields of study. Wesleyan’s minor in informatics and modeling provides a framework to guide students in developing these analytical skills. The five-course minor provides an excellent complement to many Wesleyan majors, including the University's science majors.

What You'll Study

Students can approach the minor through one of two pathways, both emphasizing informatics and quantitative reasoning and sharing certain courses.

  • The Integrative Genomic Sciences (IGS) pathway introduces students to the emerging interdisciplinary field of bioinformatics and its relationships to molecular genomics, evolution, structural biology, and bioethics.
  • The Computational Science and Quantitative World Modeling (CSM) pathway introduces students to modeling techniques and provides students with a solid foundation in the quantitative simulation, evaluation, and prediction of natural and social phenomena such as the collision of galaxies, protein folding, and the behavior of markets.