Wesleyan’s Certificate in Jewish and Israel Studies offers students a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary training in Jewish and Israel studies. Over a three-year cycle, courses are offered in various departments grouped into four pathways: History of the Jewish People, Jewish Literature and Culture, Israel Studies, and Religion of the Jewish People.

What You'll Study

  • To receive the certificate, you'll be required to take seven courses in a sequence that includes two gateway courses, one in the Religion Department and another in the History Department; a distribution of at least four additional advanced classes; and the methods seminar course, Performing Jewish Studies: Theory, Method, and Models.
  • Candidates for the certificate are strongly encouraged to study Hebrew. Up to two Hebrew courses can be included among the seven courses required for the certificate.
  • Students pursuing the Israel studies pathway are required to demonstrate their proficiency of Hebrew or take at least two years of the language (the two second-year credits will count toward the certificate).