Latin American studies (LAST) is an interdisciplinary program designed to provide an integrated view of the history, culture and society of Latin America: Mesoamerica, South America and the Caribbean. At Wesleyan, this interdisciplinary approach is complemented by a concentration in a specific department to ensure students have mastered the substance and methods of at least one established academic discipline. A double major in the department of concentration is an option for Latin American Studies majors.

With an understanding of a different culture, students who major in LAST often pursue careers in public service, international business, teaching or translation, interpretation and more.

What You'll Study

  • As a LAST major, you'll be required to complete 12 semester courses: either six in LAST and at least six in a department of concentration; or seven in LAST and five in a department concentration. As a major, you must also complete the LAST research requirement by writing a paper centrally concerned with Latin America, written in either English or Spanish. A thesis or senior essay will also satisfy this requirement.

  • Acceptable departments of concentration are those with an affiliated LAST faculty member, currently anthropology, economics, earth and environmental sciences, government, history, music, religion, sociology, Romance languages and literatures, and theater.

  • Latin American studies majors are encouraged to spend a semester or a year on a program in Latin America. Study abroad opportunities are available in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico and Guatemala.