Mathematics is a branch of science that involves exploration with ideas rather than physical objects. It is about understanding ideas, not simply getting the correct answer.

The research emphasis at Wesleyan is in pure mathematics and theoretical computer science, with each student's course of study designed to provide an introduction to the basic areas of mathematics, an acquaintance with computer programming and computer science, and the technical tools that will be useful later in a career. BA/MA and PhD programs are also offered.

What You'll Study

  • As a math major at Wesleyan, you'll be required to take a year of differential and integral calculus; Vectors and Matrices or Linear Algebra; Multivariable Calculus; Abstract Algebra; Introduction to Real Analysis; and a coherent selection of four additional electives. You'll also be required to gain an elementary knowledge of algorithms and computer programming.
  • Undergraduate majors in mathematics are encouraged to study languages while at Wesleyan; majors who are considering graduate study in mathematics should note that graduate programs often require a reading knowledge of French, German, and/or Russian.