Molecular biology and biochemistry (MB&B) encompasses diverse educational and research disciplines ranging from molecular genetics to molecular biophysics, all focused on understanding biological mechanisms underlying health and disease. New advances in biomedical research rely on fundamental discoveries made in MB&B, and Wesleyan’s faculty research programs are at the forefront, ranging from examination of olfactory system development to the kinetic mechanisms of DNA repair. B.A./M.A. and PhD programs are also offered.

Students who major in MB&B often pursue careers in medicine or health work; drug manufacture, design, and development; agriculture; education; and forensic sciences.

What You'll Study

  • At Wesleyan, students receive personal attention and the opportunity to do state-of-the-art science using a variety of technologies including X-ray crystallography, spectroscopy, transient kinetics, cellular microscopy, proteomics and molecular genetics.

  • As an MB&B major at Wesleyan, you'll be required to take two introductory biology courses and their labs, two general chemistry courses and a lab, and two organic chemistry courses, plus gateway molecular biology, advanced laboratory, mathematics (calculus or statistics recommended), physical chemistry and biochemistry courses, and two electives.

  • Students are encouraged to take the Research Frontiers in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry seminar course in spring of the first or sophomore year.