Medieval studies is the interdisciplinary study of the European Middle Ages. At Wesleyan, medieval studies students can take classes in art history, archaeology, history, languages and literature, music history, manuscript studies and religious studies, while focusing on one of three fields: art history and archaeology, history and culture, or language and literature. Both a major and minor are offered.

The skills typically acquired by medieval studies students—knowledge of European history, ability to analyze "foreign" texts, experience handling artifacts and manuscripts, and familiarity with Latin—provide good preparation for advanced degrees, whether in the humanities, law or other professional schools.

What You'll Study

  • As a medieval studies major at Wesleyan, you'll take classes in a broad range of fields, as noted above. Ten upper-level courses are required: four courses in your chosen field of specialization (art history and archaeology, history and culture, or language and literature); two in a second field of medieval studies; one in a third distinct field of medieval studies; and three additional courses in any area of medieval studies or in an outside field closely related to your work in subject matter or method.

  • Students majoring in medieval studies are encouraged to spend at least one semester of study abroad and will be provided with assistance in planning their work abroad and in securing financial support for foreign study. 
  • The six-course minor provides students with a basic knowledge of the European Middle Ages in the valuable context of an interdisciplinary framework.