Neuroscience probes one of the last biological frontiers in understanding ourselves, asking fundamental questions about how the brain and nervous system work in the expression of behavior. As such, neuroscience takes on a clear interdisciplinary character: All scientific levels of organization (behavioral, developmental, molecular, cellular and systems) contribute to our understanding of the nervous system. At Wesleyan, the neuroscience and behavior program (NS&B) is represented by the teaching and research activities of faculty members in the departments of Biology and Psychology.

The mission of the NS&B Program is to provide the foundation for a variety of career options in science, medicine, and private industry. A B.A./M.A. program is also available.

What You'll Study

  • The comprehensive NS&B curriculum provides diverse approaches to learning, including lecture/seminars, lab-based methods courses and hands-on research experience.
  • As a neuroscience major at Wesleyan, you'll be required to take foundation courses in biology (Principles of Biology I and II plus labs) and chemistry (General Chemistry and Organic Chemistry), plus two additional courses from a chosen group of physics, psychology, mathematics and computer science courses; Behavioral Neurobiology; and five advanced courses (two cross-listed with biology, two with psychology and one must be a research practicum or methodological course).