Psychology is the scientific study of mind, brain and behavior, seeking to understand how people think and act, both as individuals and in groups. Areas of psychology represented at Wesleyan include human development, social psychology, cognitive psychology, cultural psychology, neuroscience, and psychopathology. A B.A./M.A. program is also available.

Students who major in psychology pursue a wide variety of career fields, including health care, education, public service, law, business and technology.  

What You'll Study

  • As a psychology major at Wesleyan, you'll be part of a program that features foundational courses, training in statistics and research methods, a cultural immersion experience, small advanced seminars and opportunities to conduct original research. 

  • Many majors also take advantage of opportunities to work in research laboratories, to serve as teaching assistants, and to participate in service learning courses.
  • Ten psychology credits are required to fulfill the major, including courses in introductory psychology, psychology statistics, research methods, one breadth course from each of three areas of psychology, a specialized course, and three additional elective credits. 
  • While students aren't obligated to do a concentration, two are available: cognitive science, the interdisciplinary study of mental processes, and cultural psychology, which considers how the vast domain of culture and society is studied by psychologists, how cultural dynamics influence individuals and how cultural practices define the various psychologies we practice.