Romance studies focuses on the languages, literatures and cultures of the Romance languages: French, Italian and Spanish. Wesleyan’s flexible interdisciplinary Romance studies major gives students the opportunity to gain proficiency in two Romance languages while exploring literary and cultural traditions that extend from the Middle Ages to the present, spanning Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Romance studies majors gain the ability to live, study, and work successfully in the corresponding French-, Italian-, or Spanish-speaking environments. With the ability to interact with and understand, students who major in Romance studies often pursue careers as interpreters and translators, as well as in the fields of international business and law.

What You'll Study 

  • As a Romance studies major, you'll learn about literatures and other cultural forms such as film and, through them, about modes of thought, expression, and creative achievement. As a result, you'll improve your ability to communicate in French, Italian, and/or Spanish as well as in your native language, become more adept at understanding other points of view, and learn to draw on a wide range of sources to stimulate your own creative and critical capacities.
  • The major requires five courses in your primary language and four courses in your secondary language; at least two comparative cross-cultural projects; at least one course in both your primary and secondary languages following your study abroad experience; and at least one course taken in both your primary and secondary languages in your senior year.
  • All majors are strongly encouraged to spend at least one semester studying abroad in a Romance-language-speaking country.