The sciences, medicine and technology affect almost every facet of our lives: from our bodies and social lives to our physical surroundings, self-understandings, economic prospects and political possibilities. Wesleyan’s Science in Society Program (SISP) is a dynamic, rigorous interdisciplinary major that explores the history, philosophy and cultures of science and medicine together with advanced work in a science to prepare students for a world that respects no clear boundary between nature and culture.

Since SISP encourages students to integrate technical scientific knowledge with a grasp of the historical and cultural setting within which it is understood and used, SISP majors often pursue careers in medicine, science, public policy, law, and public health, among other fields.

What You'll Study

  • Your work as an SISP major will focus on three components: courses in the history, philosophy and social studies of science, medicine and technology; at least two years of coursework in a single scientific discipline; and an area of concentration in a related discipline. 
  • Students can either complete their area of concentration in anthropology, history, philosophy, religion, feminist studies, or sociology or can concentrate in a scientific discipline by completing a major in that science as part of their SISP major. Students have the opportunity to undertake a capstone experience.

  • Students may enroll in the program either as a standalone major or as a joint major with a science.