Sociology is the study of people, groups, and society. Wesleyan’s sociology major is designed to help students develop new frameworks for analyzing a broad array of social relations—from everyday interactions to large-scale historical and structural transformations—and to cultivate a critical appreciation for the academic discipline itself.

Students who major in sociology often pursue careers in education, social work, communications, politics, and more.

What You'll Study

  • As a sociology major at Wesleyan, you'll have the opportunity to take courses focusing on social theory, social movement, critical media studies, sexuality, family, gender, race and ethnicity, education, inequality, globalization, economy and development, work, leisure, healthcare, urban sociology, religious movements, philanthropy, political sociology, and sociological methods of analysis.

  • Majors must complete a total of 10 courses, including a capstone project. Requirements include three sociology foundation courses (Introductory Sociology, Sociological Analysis, and Sociology and Social Theory), three sociology topical courses, and three additional topical courses.