Wesleyan has a remarkable collection of courses and resources for all students interested in studying the cultures of South Asia, with primary focus on India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. The University enjoys the distinction of having not only an Indian music studies program but also a diverse group of scholars devoted to the wider region and its diaspora, in fields ranging from anthropology, art history, and cultural studies to dance, history, literature, and religion.

The minor in South Asian studies helps Wesleyan students pursue the wide range of opportunities in South Asia—both scholarly and artistic—as the subcontinent gains increasing global prominence.

What You'll Study

To complete the seven-course minor, you'll be required to take one gateway course, as well as at least one course in three of the categories listed below, with no more than three courses coming from any single category:

  • contemporary society and practice, primarily concerned with the study of contemporary South Asian communities, their practices, and their productions;
  • historical inquiry, primarily concerned with the historical study of South Asia;
  • language, in which students gain comprehension in South Asia’s languages; and
  • performance traditions, in which students obtain training in the performance of a specific form of art.