What do Tony Award-winner Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emmy Award-winners Dana Delany and Bradley Whitford have in common? All three graduated with a degree in theater from Wesleyan. Wesleyan's Theater Department prepares the next generation of artists and scholars for success both on stage and behind the scenes with an integrated program of study that provides a solid knowledge of the different areas of expertise involved in stage production and criticism.

Theater majors bring communication skills, creativity, the ability to work under pressure in a team environment, and self-confidence to the job market.

What You'll Study

  • As a theater major, you'll have the opportunity to consider the critical and creative study of each theatrical area, including acting; civic engagement and outreach; criticism, ethnography, history and literature; costume, lighting, scenic, and media-based design; directing; performance studies; theory; performance art; playwriting; puppetry; and solo performance.
  • Gateway theater courses provide an introduction to theater techniques, principles, literatures, and discourses. Advanced courses prepare students to articulate their visions of theater both on stage and in writing. Honors theses, essays, and creative endeavors present majors with the opportunity to engage in in-depth scholarly and/or artistic research.
  • All theater majors are encouraged to spend a semester at a Wesleyan-approved program abroad.