Tuition and Fees

Cost of Attendance for 2024-25

Tuition $69,652
Student Activity Fee $390
New Student Matriculation Fee $300
Green Fund (optional)* $30
Food and Housing $19,872
*Books & Supplies/Personal Expenses $2,750
TOTAL: $92,994 (frosh)/$92,694 (continuing students)
**Direct Loan origination fees $44

*Indirect Expenses: While estimates for books & supplies and personal expenses are included in the cost of attendance budget, these costs are not billed by Wesleyan. Travel is also an indirect expense that is included in a student’s cost of attendance, however, the cost can vary from student to student.

Additionally, new students entering Fall 2024 will have a one-time matriculation fee of $300.

All students will have an optional Green Fund Fee of $30/year to fund sustainability projects on campus. (Opt out link available in WesPortal through the last day of drop/add each semester)

**If the student requests Federal Direct Loans, an additional $44 origination fee will be added to the Cost of Attendance. For all Federal Direct Loans disbursed on or after October 1, 2020, and before October 1, 2024, an origination fee of 1.057% will be assessed by the Department of Education.  This origination fee is subtracted from your total loan amount.  As such, the amount that disburses to your Student Account will be slightly less than the amount of Direct Loan requested.  The origination fee included in your Cost of Attendance is based on the average Direct Loan origination fee for students enrolled at Wesleyan.

The Family Contribution

The family contribution is based on Wesleyan’s evaluation of the financial circumstances of the family. Wesleyan University utilizes the College Board’s Institutional Methodology analysis in determining the financial need for institutional funding. In many cases, this evaluation can result in a different Expected Family Contribution than the Federal Methodology analysis in the determination of financial need for federal funding.

Once the calculated family contribution is determined, this figure is subtracted from the total cost of attendance to determine a student's need. Financial need ordinarily is met through a combination of grants, loans, and work. All grants and loans are credited directly to the student's account to offset tuition, the residential comprehensive fee, and other direct charges on the account. Students and parents should refer to their award notification  to assist them with determining the amount that will need to be paid to Wesleyan directly.

  • Expected Family Contribution

    Parental Contribution + Student Contribution

    • Includes an income and an asset component
    • Federal Aid calculated from FAFSA
    • Institutional Aid calculated from CSS Profile and FAFSA
    • Review of tax returns and accompanying documents
    • Student Contribution
      • Determined in the same way as Parental Contribution
      • Minimum contribution: $2,000* (plus contribution from student assets, if any)
        *Student Contribution is lower for high need students

Parental Contribution

The parental contribution is calculated from information submitted during the financial aid application process. This amount represents Wesleyan’s evaluation of the parents’ capacity to absorb a portion of the cost of education. Should a family seek additional options for financing the family contribution, please look at the Types of Aid offered and Other Financing Options.

Student Contribution

Students receiving financial aid are expected to contribute toward their educational expenses. The student contribution is based on a combination of the summer earnings expectation and a contribution from the student’s savings or investments, if any. The student contribution is the amount of money you are expected to have at the beginning of the academic year to assist with your educational expenses. Ordinarily, these personal funds are applied toward the purchase of your books and supplies, as well as personal expenses you are expected to incur throughout the academic year.

The minimum student contribution from summer earnings varies by year: 

  • $2,000 for first year
  • $2,200 each year thereafter
  • Reduced student contribution from income

    To make a Wesleyan education more affordable, Wesleyan reduces the minimum student contribution from summer earnings for students who demonstrate the highest financial need. The reduced student contribution is based on the calculated parental contribution.

    Some students may need to request additional loan amounts if they are unable to meet the minimum student income contribution. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office to determine if additional loan funds are possible.

  • Student contribution from assets

    Students who have assets such as savings or investments are expected to contribute a portion annually toward educational expenses. We expect students and families to apportion student assets over the four years.

  • Consideration of Student Contribution: Reduced Student Contribution (SC) Policy
    • Standard Level:
      • Student Contribution = $2,000 plus contribution from student assets (if any)
    • If Parent Contribution is below $10,000:
      • Student contribution = $1,200 plus contribution from student assets (if any)
    • Cost of Attendance minus Expected Family Contribution = Financial Need
  • Students Entering Academic Year 2023-24: Zero Student Contribution (SC) Policy
    • Students whose parents contribute $7,000 or less to Wesleyan will have their $1,200 Student Contribution from income (SC) replaced with additional grant funding for first year only.
    • Students whose parents contribute $7,000 or less to Wesleyan and have student assets less than $20,000 will have their Student Contribution from Assets (SCA) replaced with additional grant funding for first year only.

Calculate Your Cost

Use our interactive calculators for an estimate of how much financial aid you may be eligible to receive, and what your cost to attend Wesleyan would be.