How We Make Wesleyan Affordable

No matter your current financial situation, a Wesleyan education is within your reach. We are committed to making Wesleyan affordable and accessible for all admitted students. Here’s how:

  • Wesleyan meets 100% of demonstrated financial need
    For students who apply and qualify for financial aid, we bridge the gap between an admitted student’s expected family contribution as calculated by our financial aid office and the total cost of a Wesleyan education—including tuition, housing, books, supplies, and personal expenses.
  • Wesleyan awards over $75 million in need-based grant aid every year
    We are committed to enrolling a socio-economically diverse student body. The average need-based grant is over $59,000 per year.
  • Expanded No Loan Initiative

For Fall 2021, if your family income is less than $120,000 (with typical assets), your financial aid award will be made up of only scholarships, grants, and work-study.

  • Reduced summer earnings expectation for high-need students
    For students with a parent contribution of $10,000 or less, we will reduce the amount of summer work earnings that you are expected to contribute toward your Wesleyan education.
  • Maximum packaged loan amount of $19,000

Wesleyan students who qualify for need-based institutional aid who do have loans as part of their financial aid packages are not expected to borrow more than $19,000 over four years at Wesleyan.


Financial Aid by the Numbers (Fall 2021):

  • 90% of first-year students applying for aid received scholarships and grants from Wesleyan
  • 60% of first-year financial aid recipients received scholarships and grants that exceeded tuition, which is $61,449
  • 94% of first-year financial aid recipients received more than $25,000 in scholarships and grants

Other Affordability Initiatives

The Three-Year Option

In addition to our robust, need-based financial aid programs, Wesleyan offers the opportunity to complete your degree requirements (32 credits) in three years. This option could save you approximately 20% of the total cost of a BA degree. Students who choose this option can use two AP or IB or A-level exam credits and three Wesleyan summer sessions, to avoid having to take an increased course load. If you choose this option, you should expect to pick your major early sophomore year, leaving ample time to complete the degree requirements. 

Other Financing Options

We encourage you to use our financial aid calculators,  MyIntuition or NetPrice Calculator,

to see precisely how affordable it is to attend Wesleyan. If you do not think you will qualify for need-based aid but still need help meeting college costs, review the financing information on our Financial Aid website. We offer a monthly payment plan to help spread out the costs as well as information on federal student and parent loan options that are available regardless of need.