Wesleyan graduates achieve significant professional success in ways that are as varied and interesting as their undergraduate pursuits. Whether majoring in philosophy or psychology or molecular biology and biochemistry, our alumni become change makers, award winners and notable leaders in every field.

Your preparation for life after Wes begins the day you set foot on campus. From choosing a major, building your resume and writing your cover letter to securing an internship, networking with other Wes alumni and navigating the job market or continuing your education in graduate school, our career center staff provides expert hands-on guidance and advice to prepare you for professional success—no matter how you define it.

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Meet face-to-face with alumni and employers from around the world—and make connections that will help you navigate your future.

Career Outcomes

Wondering what you can do with a degree from Wesleyan? The simple answer is: anything and everything! Find out how recent Wesleyan graduates are faring in the professional world.

Featured Alumni

Wesleyan graduates are well represented in every profession imaginable, from law, science and medicine to business, politics and the creative arts.

Life After Wes

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda '02, writer, lyricist and star of Hamilton.

    Lin-Manuel Miranda '02, writer, lyricist and star of Hamilton.

  • Wes Grads Change the World

    Wes Grads Change the World