Guidelines for Supplemental Materials

You should think carefully before submitting supplementary material with your Wesleyan University application. Most successful applicants submit only the required application materials. The admissions committee at Wesleyan University conducts a holistic review focused on a variety of factors, including academics, extracurricular activities, and personal qualities. If you have exceptional talent in the arts or have produced extensive scientific research that cannot be adequately presented through other parts of your application, you may benefit from submitting supplemental material. Submissions may be reviewed by faculty members, who will share their considerations with the admissions staff. Submitting a supplement is neither required to declare a related major, nor does it commit a student to a course of study in that area. Please do not submit any material directly to the admission office; material not uploaded through Slideroom will not be reviewed.

Please adhere to the application program deadlines:

Early Decision I applicants - November 15
Early Decision II and Regular applicants - January 1
Fall Transfer applicants - March 15
Spring Transfer applicants - November 1

Materials submitted after these deadlines WILL NOT be reviewed.

All materials must be submitted electronically through the Common Application or Coalition Application website. If you need to submit your supplemental materials AFTER you have submitted your Common Application or Coalition Application to Wesleyan, please visit

  • Art Studio

    The Wesleyan Studio Art Program welcomes submissions of creative work to supplement a prospective student’s application! 

    • Submission Guidelines: 
      • The Art Studio Department will consider portfolios of Architecture, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking and Sculpture. 
      • Portfolios of one medium are preferred, but you may combine two-dimensional media if you wish. 
      • Photography, Architecture, and Sculpture each require ten images in one category. 
      • Drawing, Painting, Printmaking, and Graphic Design may be combined to make ten images. 
      • We do not accept artist statements, personal photos, Xeroxes, PDFs, or Websites. 
    • Media Guidelines:
      • Specify medium (Architecture, Drawing, Graphic Design, Painting, Photography, Printmaking and Sculpture. 
      • The submission must be in the JPEG (.jpg) format at 72 DPI, not greater than 1040 pixels in the longest direction. 
      • The title of each JPEG should be your last name, media, and sequential number starting with "1" separated by an underscore, i.e. Jones_painting_12.jpg. 
      • Upload no more than 10 images. 
      • We will try our best to open these images but if they do not open we will not view them, so you may wish to try them on a platform other than your own.
  • Dance

    The Dance department welcomes supplemental submissions from applicants interested in pursuing dance at Wesleyan. 

    • Submission Guidelines:
      • You must submit written statement no more than 700 words that communicates your perspective on on dance as a method of scholarly inquiry, and/or dance as culture. 
      •  If you choose to submit a video in addition to a written statement, please follow the guidelines below.
    • Media Guidelines: 
      • If you choose to submit a video it should also clearly comment/reflect on either dance as a method of scholarly inquiry, and/or dance as a culture.
      • The video must be under 3 minutes, include a DETAILED DESCRIPTION that contextualizes your piece, states if you are the performer (indicate where you are in the video) or choreographer, and dance genre. 
      • We do not evaluate based on technical skill. 
  • Film
    Wesleyan’s College of Film and the Moving Image (CFILM) is founded on the integration of studies and production. We welcome supplemental materials demonstrating proficiency and skill in filmmaking. Please keep in mind that supplementary materials are optional and will be used in evaluating your application to Wesleyan, not to CFILM. Students do not usually declare a specific major until the end of sophomore year, and these materials have no bearing on that process.

    We judge samples for their control of the medium: a compositional eye; a feeling of rhythm in editing and blocking; use of light; sound; signs of a creative spirit. Submit something that shows how your creative voice comes through the medium of film.

    IMPORTANT: Generally, we do not view projects made for class presentations that serve primarily as history, literature, or sociology reports.

    Guidelines for submission:
    · The sample(s) should be no longer than 5 minutes. (please upload no more than 5 samples)
    · It should be creative (required)
    · Don’t be afraid to be funny (not required)

    *Label with your name, the name of the project, the date of completion, shooting format (16mm, digital video, etc.), and the role(s) you played in the production (director, editor, etc.)
  • Math & Science

    Faculty from the Natural Sciences and Mathematics Departments will review your work in this portal.

    • Submission and Media Guidelines
      • You may include descriptions of scientific study programs you have attended; laboratory or field research in which you have participated; independent scientific project(s), or a copy of a research paper
      • Specify the discipline (Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth & Environmental Science, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry, Math, Neuroscience & Behavior, Physics, or Psychology).
      • If the work submitted has multiple authors, please include an explanatory essay that should contain a concise summary of the work you accomplished. It should also state what your respective role was in the project. Your submission will not be evaluated if your role in the project is unclear.
  • Music

    Music submissions are recommended for candidates who are interested in participating in music ensembles, and/or taking private lessons on campus. 

    • Submission Guidelines
      • Please indicate which category your supplement falls under: 
        • VOCAL PERFORMANCE (classical, jazz, music theater, world music or non-western, other -please specify.) 
        • INSTRUMENTAL PERFORMANCE (classical, jazz, world music or non-western, other-please specify.)
        • COMPOSITION (classical, jazz, singer-songwriter, electronic music, experimental music, other-please specify.)
    • Media Guidelines:
      • Music submissions may be submitted as mp3, mp4, or a linked video through YouTube or other video hosting website. 
      • We will not accept WMA files. 
      • The name of each file submission must include your last name, category, and description i.e. JonesVocalClassical or JonesInstrumentalTrumpet or JonesCompElectronic, etc. 
      • There is no guarantee that any uploaded video or audio recording will be viewed.  
      • If necessary, include a description of your involvement for each submission. 
  • Theater
    The Wesleyan Theater Department offers a multi-disciplinary major valuing the critical and creative study of each theatrical area to be an essential component of a liberal arts major. Theater courses and productions reflect the interdisciplinary and multiple interests of the faculty and majors. Please keep in mind that supplementary materials are optional and will be used in evaluating your application to Wesleyan, not to the Theater Department. A specific major is usually not declared until the end of the sophomore year and your supplement submission has no bearing on that process.

    Submission Guidelines:

    1. Submit a written statement up to 700 words in length that communicates your thoughtful perspective on theater as a vital art form that addresses community, diversity, and imagination.
    2. (Optional) Send a brief resume outlining your theatrical experience outside of high school activities.