Applying to Wesleyan

Types of Admission

Students may apply to Wesleyan as either first-year students or transfer students.  First-year students may select from either the Regular Decision program or one of the two Early Decision programs.  Transfer students may apply for Fall Transfer or Spring Transfer.

Students and their parents often ask, "What are the most important factors in getting into Wesleyan?" Here is the answer in brief: When we read an application, we do not merely look at test scores and grades. We look at all parts of your completed application for the story it tells about your achievement to date and your potential to benefit from Wesleyan's educational program. Some of the traits we look for when we review your application are:

Genuine intellectual curiosity. Did you pursue a topic or topics in high school with real personal enthusiasm? What do your teachers tell us about your engagement with a topic?

Ability to succeed in a rigorous and broad-based academic program. Did you achieve in top courses in a full range of subjects in your high school? (Ideally, we like you to have taken courses in five core areas -- English, social science, math, science, and foreign language -- each year of high school.) 

Demonstrated social involvement. Did you engage in a community or school activity that shows enthusiasm for acting collectively? Have you developed leadership qualities?