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Science in Society Program and Neuroscience & Behavior
My favorite class at Wesleyan was Professor Erickson’s “The Historyof Science in Western Culture.” Erickson is one of my favorite professors because of his genuine depth of knowledge. He makes the class about learning the material, not about memorization and reproduction. I took his course in the fall of my freshman year and fell in love with the Science in Society Program. I am now adouble major in SiSP and neuroscience.
I am a varsity rower on the women’s crew team, and I am a member of the Wesleyan Ski Team. I play on an intramural soccer team called the Folding Chairs, and I am a founder of the sorority Rho Epsilon Pi. I am also the chair of the Inter-Greek Council.
Outside of Wesleyan, I work as an EMT for the Cromwell Fire Department. As a freshman, I took the EMT certification course that Wesleyan offered and now I work an average of 12 hours a week riding in the ambulance. The summer after my freshman year, I completed my 11th summer of work at Camp Emerald Bay on Catalina Island, CA. Emerald Bay is one of best Boy Scout camps in the country, and it’s known for its SCUBA program and overnight canoe trips. For the summer of ’12 and ’13, I worked in the Aaron Lab doing research on temporal lobe epilepsy.
Joining the crew team has been one of the most influential decisions of my college career. I started WesCrew as a walk-on novice and have been rowing or erging six days a week ever since. The strong friendships I have formed and the discovery of such an amazing sport has definitely been my favorite Wesleyan experience!     

I am currently applying to medical schools and hope to be a practicing physician someday. I also have aspirations to work on medical policy reform and want to continue doing scientific research.

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