Belmont, MA                   
Buckingham Browne & Nichols     
Economics and East Asian Studies
Beijing, China                       

I plan to explore the relationship between GDP growth in Japan in the 20th century to its growing trade relationship with China. I will also examine the effect of this relationship on policies that promote free trade over protectionism.

The most influential course I have taken at Wesleyan is “Chinese Fiction & Film.” The content of the course was dissimilar to my quantitative background, so I wasn’t sure how I would fair in an environment that prioritized creative expression over the more analytical analysis I was accustomed to. My experience in this class encouraged me to strive for a more balanced curriculum and solidified my decision to pursue the East Asian Studies major.
My time at Wesleyan has largely been split between my studies and my commitment to the crew team. One of my favorite activities on campus has been attending the presentations given by the many excellent speakers Wesleyan is able to attract. These gatherings have served as a great way to reach another side of the community that I may not have connected with through my athletic or academic pursuits.
I spent my freshman and sophomore summers interning at a boutique consulting firm in Boston. Most of the firm’s clients were in Asia-Pacific, allowing me the opportunity to apply the economic and social theory I developed at Wesleyan to help the firm expand their market influence in the region. During the summer of 2013, I will do equity research at a mutual-fund in Boston.
What I appreciate the most about Wesleyan is that while the student body has such a high level of diversity in their interests, the eagerness to organize around the school and the idea of a greater Wesleyan community outside of any single friend group or organization is palpable as soon as a student arrives on our campus. Wesleyan is defined by the people who occupy its halls and classrooms. I enjoy living beside students who enjoy sharing and learning from each other while welcoming other forms of expression that may be unfamiliar and uncommon.     

In the long-run, I plan to facilitate socially responsible small-cap investment in emerging economies. I hope to gain the skills that will allow me to undertake such a venture in the years following my graduation from Wesleyan.

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