Connect with Wesleyan Alumni Admission Volunteers!

Each year, Wesleyan alumni around the world connect with hundreds of prospective Wesleyan students. Our alumni volunteers represent a diverse cross section of the Wesleyan community and represent the myriad paths open to Wesleyan graduates. Chatting with one of our alumni is a great way to gain insight to the opportunities open to members of the Wesleyan community, as well as a perfect chance to ask questions about academics, campus life, and more.


Although interviews are not a required part of the application process, they are recommended. Interviews at Wesleyan are evaluative, play a role in the admission process, and are a valuable opportunity for an exchange of information about both the candidate and the University. Interviews with Wesleyan alumni volunteers are viewed and evaluated in the same light as those conducted by our senior interviewers. This fall, evaluative interviews with alumni will be available virtually beginning October 1, 2021Sign up for an interview here.

To learn more about ways to connect with the admission office online, click here.

Interview deadlines

The deadlines for requesting an Alumni Interview are as follows:

For candidates applying ED1 November 15
For candidates applying ED2 February 1
For candidates applying Regular Decision February 15
For Fall Transfer applicants April 1

Please note that interviews must be requested by the above dates but can be scheduled beyond the deadline.


Should you have any feedback following your meeting with a Wesleyan alum, please send us an email at  All information you share will be kept confidential.