Meet Our Senior Interviewers

An interview is a great way for you to make new connections and stand out in the crowd.  Our senior interviewers are a diverse group of talented, enthusiastic Wes students, active both on campus and off, who are eager to hear about your proudest accomplishments and future goals, answer your questions, and share their own experiences with you!

  • Alexa Trujillo

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers, They/Them/Theirs

    Hometown: Scarsdale, NY

    High School: Scarsdale High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Sociology and Education Studies double major

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    Why Wes?  I chose Wes because Wes chose me. I had never heard of Wesleyan until my guidance counselor suggested I check it out. So, I went. And since I knew nothing about it, Wesleyan had to really sell itself to me. When I got on campus, Wesleyan immediately showed its spirit. It was the first beautiful day in a week of cold rain and people were out on Foss Hill, playing music in their dorms as we passed by, and hugging the dearly missed friends they had not seen for a whole two hours. Several people came up and complimented the dress I was wearing (the same one in my picture!) and asked if I was an accepted student. I told them no, just looking, which surprised them, and they all stopped to excitedly tell me how much they loved Wes and why I should come. I felt like Wesleyan had already accepted me when I was still confusing it with all the other “W” schools in the Northeast. So, naturally, I came back for an overnight stay a few weeks later and applied Early Decision 1 a few weeks after that. Wesleyan was the only school I applied to and I would not have done it any other way. Somehow, Wes knew this was the place for me, and it was proven absolutely correct.

    Favorite Class, and why?  My favorite class was Geologic Field Mapping, which was a six person Earth and Environment Science project-based service learning course that I took my Sophomore Spring. Our class was tasked with mapping the entirety of a State Park and creating an interactive, informational website to be presented to and used by Connecticut’s Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. I am not a STEM person at all, so I did not expect to enjoy this course as much as I did. My classmates and professor met me where I was and helped me find the ways I could use the skills I developed in other courses to take their science-speak and translate it into language all people can understand as well as to create a beautiful and informative website to be used by Connecticut residents and beyond.

    Activities at Wes:  I am a Facilitator for our Bystander Intervention program and a Course Assistant for American Sign Language. I am also an Intimacy Choreographer for student Theater and Film on campus and have been the Stage Manager on a student-written play and the Producer on a Senior Film Thesis. I have also been on Second Stage Staff as Intimacy Coordinator & Co-Chair of the Diversity Committee and have performed in our One-Day Play Festival.

    Off campus activities, internships, jobs:  I am currently in the process of becoming a certified Intimacy Director for Film & Television. I also work as an intern with the International Film Institute of New York’s Summer Film Intensive at Sarah Lawerence College (where I was also a Lifeguard). This past Summer, I worked in Wesleyan’s Office of Admissions and camped in seven different national parks with my partner and puppy!

  • Alphina Kamara

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: Wilmington, Delaware

    High School: Mount Pleasant High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Sociology, English Concentration in Race and Ethnicity

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    Why Wes?  I chose Wesleyan for its vibrant student culture that encompasses students from various backgrounds who are open to dialogue and learning. Not only was I attracted to Wesleyan due to its intellectual culture and student environment, but I also liked how out of the box thinking was encouraged, which allows students to explore different facets of themselves and interests through its open curriculum and student activities.

    Favorite Class, and why? My favorite course is “From Romanus Pontifex (1454) to Black Lives Matter: Race and the Formation of the Modern World,” taught by Professor Eudell; this class was entrenched in critical race theory, and as a freshman, that was the first time I was introduced to it. It helped me formulate my ideas about race and even encouraged me to concentrate on race and ethnicity as an English major.

    Activities at Wes: Wesleyan North End Action Team, Former Intern for the Patricelli Center for Entrepreneurship

    Activities out of Wes: DelawareCAN Data Analyst, Partnership Management Intern for DonorsChoose, Intern for Emerson Collective XQ Superschool

  • Amy Du

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: Castro Valley, CA

    High School: The College Prepatory School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: MB&B and Economics

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    Why Wes?  In senior year of high school, I was set on studying both biochemistry and economics. Wesleyan’s open curriculum made it easy to major in two areas that had very different requirements while keeping my schedule flexible for other classes. I was also sold by our school’s strong research program for undergraduates where I could take on greater responsibility in the lab. Perhaps most importantly, I saw how Wesleyan most clearly shared my values of community and interdependence. Students are driven, conscientious, and willing to go out of their way to support one another.

    Favorite class and why?  My favorite class was a SISP class called Health of Communities. This class focused on exploring different issues in health and healthcare from the perspective of economists, sociologists, doctors, but more importantly, from the lived experiences of various communities. We covered a broad range of topics, from antibiotic resistance to new social theories and approaches to understanding health and medicine. In addition to our in-class discussions, we conducted research with our local Community Health Center to understand and engage with the unique healthcare needs of our Middletown community.

    Activities at Wes:  On most weekdays, I am in Dr. Mukerji’s lab studying protein-DNA interactions. I also TA and peer tutor for several classes, including organic chemistry, programming, and soon, physics! On weekends, I volunteer with Wesleyan Clinic Escorts and the Doula Project as an in-training volunteer doula. I serve on the Minority Association of Premedical Students board as an alumni coordinator and am a new Community Standards and Honor Board member. On weekends and sunny afternoons, you can find me dancing with my friends in Suya, Wesleyan’s African dance troupe, or playing club volleyball on the Bennett courts.

    Off campus activities, internships, jobs:  Off campus, I intern at the Mayor’s Initiative for Re-entry Affairs in Bridgeport where we connect formerly incarcerated community members with housing, career, and other resources. I am also a research intern at Yale’s Center for Health and Justice conducting research on the impacts that incarceration has on heart disease and sleep. Lastly, I volunteer at Middlesex Hospital, the Community Health Center’s Center for Key Populations and Weitzman Institute, and am a home care aid!
  • Anna Marti

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: Sandwich, MA

    High School: Sandwich High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: American Studies and Education Studies

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    Why Wes?  I am often very indecisive, but my choice to apply Early Decision to Wesleyan was one I made with immense ease and conviction. In addition to checking all the boxes I wanted in a school—liberal feel, small class size, open curriculum, art scene, central green—both my interview and tour solidified my love for the school. My interviewer was so kind, and we connected over a niche shared interest. He showed me that Wesleyan would be a place for me to explore my passions among a community of like-minded and supportive individuals. My tour guide made time to talk one-on-one with every prospective student on the tour. Other Wesleyan students would stop and join the tour to chat with families, eager to answer any questions as well. There was a sincere pride associated with being a Wesleyan student, and I knew, more than anything else, I wanted that energy and joy in my life.

    Favorite Class, and why?  My favorite class was called Fugitive Perspectives on Education and Civil Society with Professor Khalil Anthony Johnson. Professor Johnson led the class with the values of consent and care and gave voice to people whose stories and testimonies are often left out of mainstream narratives about schooling in the U.S. Our classroom environment was collaborative and distributive. Every student worked on a research project of their choice throughout the semester, and we taught each other about our topics. I was able to investigate Deafness and education, disability futurity, and raise important questions surrounding archival production—all research that led to the central questions of my senior thesis this year!

    Activities at Wes:  I co-direct a contemporary/jazz dance group called Precision Ensemble and am also a member of the hip hop group Precision Troupe. I taught dance classes for kids in Middletown as well. I worked as a teaching assistant for American Sign Language for several years and presented at the Power of Language Conferences as an advocate for accessibility and Deaf culture. I am a Writing tutor and mentor for the Writing Workshop and have been an Orientation Leader as well. I will also be working as a Student Fellow for the Center for the Humanities this year.

    Off campus activities, internships, jobs:  Last summer, I worked as an administrative intern for Writing Through, an International educational NGO, based in Cambodia and Vietnam, that fosters critical thinking, language skills, and self-esteem through creative writing workshops. This summer, I will work as an intern and teaching assistant at the American School for the Deaf, the first school for the deaf in the United States. I have also worked as a paraprofessional in special education and am a dance teacher. I am serving on the board of an emerging social justice nonprofit on Cape Cod, called the Cape and Islands Justice Initiative as well.
  • Ariana Baez

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: Bogota, NJ

    High School: Ethical Culture Fieldston School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: College of Social Studies and College of Education Studies double-major, Social Cultural and Critical Theory certificate

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    Why Wes?  Finding a home was very important to me in my process of visiting colleges and universities. I have a bubbly, eccentric personality and I wanted to find a place where that would be welcomed with open arms. My mother and I visited over 30 schools, but Wesleyan was the only school that I visited three times. I kept coming back because everytime I stepped onto campus I caught snippets of how difference was not only accepted, but instead was celebrated. Each time I visited, I felt at home.

    Favorite Class, and why?  If I had to choose one then I would choose my Education Practicum course with Professor Amy Grillo. In this course, each student was able to create their own topic of research as they entered a classroom, but since this course was taken during the pandemic, we all had the opportunity to see the connections between our respective research within online settings. This practicum was a very unique experience and I would never have had the opportunity to assist teach within a 2nd grade classroom online, during a pandemic, otherwise.

    Activities at Wes:  Vice President of the Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA), Equity and Inclusion Committee Chair of the WSA, Student Forum Leader of “Leadership and Legacy: Exploring Your Leadership Potential and Style”, WesCheer.

    Off campus activities, internships, jobs:  Leadership Intern of Student Activities and Leadership Development, New Student Orientation (NSO) Intern, NSO Orientation Leader, First Things First Orientation Leader, Usdan Cafe Barista, Phillips Academy Teaching Assistant for “Express Yourself”, House Counselor, and Assistant Coach for Dance.
  • Ava Nederlander

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: New York City

    High School: The Birch Wathen Lenox School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Computer Science and College of Integrative Sciences (CIS) double major, Integrated Design, Engineering, and Applied Sciences (IDEAS) minor

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    Why Wes?  I chose Wesleyan University because of the amazing, varied opportunities and energetic community. I am able to explore all of my interests in both the sciences and the arts, and combine them in new and exciting ways. Wesleyan's interdisciplinary classes and programs allow me to collaborate and learn with others in different fields.

    Favorite Class, and why?  My favorite class at Wesleyan was The Past and Present of American Journalism (FYS) taught by Professor Morgan Day Frank. This first semester class helped me grow and develop tremendously as a writer and the class material was extremely interesting. I also loved the class Architecture of the 20th Century taught by Professor Joseph Siry.

    Activities at Wes: Photo Editor for the Wesleyan Argus, Co-Director of Collective Motion dance ensemble, Research Assistant for Professor Meredith Hughes' Disk Detective Research Group in the Astronomy Department, teaching assistant for a computer science course, Scientific Computing and Informatics Center (SCIC) tutor, and member of the Wesleyan Mathematics and Science Scholars program (WesMaSS).

    Off campus activities, internships, jobs: The summer before my senior year, I am participating in a Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO). I am looking at L1251 VLA where I measure the morphological structure of the disk and constrain the morphological structure of the jet and outflow material using computational algorithms.
  • Caroline Pitton

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: Seattle, WA

    High School: Holy Names Academy

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Biology and French Studies double major, Informatics & Modeling minor

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    Why Wes?  I chose Wesleyan because it provides me the freedom to study multiple very unrelated disciplines while still having time to engage in extracurricular activities. My Wesleyan experience has been shaped by saying yes to brand new opportunities, including my French major, research, and student theater. Ultimately, Wesleyan students foster an incredibly supportive environment that makes it easy to step out of my comfort zone. The people here are the reason I continue to choose Wesleyan!

    Favorite class and why?  In the spring of my junior year, I took “Stem Cells: Basic Biology to Clinical Application.” The professor focused on teaching scientific literacy skills instead of content memorization; we read about the latest discoveries in stem cell medicine in scientific journals then analyzed the articles in our small seminar class. This class was so fascinating and made me a much stronger scientific communicator.

    Activities at Wes:  On campus, I’m a research assistant in the Coolon lab (Biology department), I sing with Onomatopoeia a cappella, and I’ve been a course assistant for General Chemistry, Principles of Biology, and Intermediate French. Before being a Senior Interviewer, I was a WesFest intern for three years in the Office of Admission. I’m a member of Wesleyan Women in STEM and I’ve music-directed two musicals for Second Stage.

    Off campus activities/internships/jobs:  This summer, I stayed at Wesleyan as a Research Fellow working full-time in the Coolon lab. It’s been amazing to focus on my project and spend so much time with my labmates. Last summer, I was a nanny to two one-year-old girls, and the summer before that, I was a camp counselor and worked in a food truck!
  • Gloria Kang

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers 

    Hometown: Duluth, Georgia

    High School: Collins Hill High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Psychology and Education studies with minor in College of East Asian Studies

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    Why Wes?  Wesleyan gave me an opportunity like no other to pursue my education. I wanted to explore the liberal arts education and the open curriculum Wesleyan offered. Throughout the years at Wes, I realize the importance behind Wesleyan’s education. The learning opportunities go beyond academics, which ultimately helps me explore, grow, and mature as a person.

    Favorite Class, and why?  It seems impossible to choose, but my Seminar on Emotion course was definitely one of my favorites. Even though the class was on Zoom, I was able to engage and learn actively through class discussions about emotion theories and how social context shapes emotion processes. This course was critical in understanding the psychology of emotions and personally cultivating my emotion intelligence.

    Activities at Wes:  At Wesleyan, I am a Socioeconomic Status and Disability Intern and the Questbridge Liaison at the Resource Center. I am currently on the Korean Student Association board and am heavily involved in the Asian American Student Collective. I am also a member of Wesleyan Dreamers and Allies, which supports DACA and undocumented students at Wesleyan.

    Off campus activities, internships, jobs:  I was a field organizer with the Asian American Advocacy fund actively engaging AAPI members of the local community to participate in civic duty and providing voting information to the Korean-American community. I enjoy my time working with non-profits and volunteering in my community.
  • Kathryn Campbell

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: Evanston, Illinois

    High School: Evanston Township High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: History major, African American Studies minor

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    Why Wes?  When I visited Wesleyan, the current students that I encountered went out of their way to introduce themselves, have a conversation with me about my interests, and answer any questions I had about the school. Wes immediately stood out to me as a community of people who lift each other up and care about everyone around them, even if they’ve only spoken once. Luckily, the collaborative and supportive environment of Wes has held entirely true.

    Favorite Class and Why?  My favorite class to date is my First Year Seminar, “August Wilson.” Never being exceptionally interested in English or Theater, I didn’t expect to love the class. But “August Wilson “opened my eyes to the deep connections between literature and my interests in history, sociology, and African American studies. It also pushed me out of my comfort zone as I engaged with an unfamiliar subject and even performed parts of the plays to my classmates!

    Activities at Wes:  Outside of classes, I am a competitor of the Mock Trial team. I am a Senator on the Wesleyan Student Assembly where I work on the Student Budget Committee. I’m a part of the student advisory board for the SHAPE office, working to support survivors of interpersonal violence and educate the community about consent. Finally, I intern with a local historical museum through a partnership program with the History Department.

    Off campus activities:  Outside of Wes, I am involved with the summer camp that I’ve worked at for years and grew up going to. During the summer of 2020, I was a research intern for an organization that works to implement educational equity in public schools. During summer 2021, I was an intern at the Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law where I worked on research projects and assisted attorneys in their economic justice department.
  • Kevonte Payton

    Pronouns: He/Him/His

    Hometown: New Orleans, LA

    High School: Edna Karr High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: History and Government major, Data Analysis minor

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    Why Wes?  I matched with Wesleyan through a scholarship program called Questbridge. I decided to rank Wesleyan because I wanted a university that would challenge me academically while also giving me a chance to explore my many different options. In addition, I also wanted to be at an institution that would create a sense of community between all the students and the faculty, producing genuine relationships and compassion to see everyone grow to their fullest potential.

    Favorite Class, and why?  My favorite class was a seminar history course called Race Discourse In America, and I took this course in the fall of my Junior year of 2020. It was the perfect time because, in this class, we addressed everything from police brutality, BLM, incarceration, and America's history with race issues in general. I learned so much about the deep roots of race and class issues in America through a bipartisan lens, which is why this became my favorite class.

    Activities at Wes:  At Wes, I am a part of two Hip-Hop dance groups; I am one of the directors of Fusion, and also dance with X-tacy. So you can most definitely catch me dancing around campus performing at our dance shows. I am also involved in the Wesleyan Questbridge chapter here and The SOC Pre-Law society, and I’ve been a Tour Guide and Intern for the Office of Admission.

    Off-campus activities, internships, jobs:  I work at the KidCity, our local childrens museum, and as an Intern at the Middletown Historical Society on Main Street. I am also a research assistant in the economics department and occasionally volunteer as a tutor for low-income students of color within the Middletown community.
  • Manuel Dominguez

    Pronouns: He/Him/His

    Hometown: Caddo Mills, TX

    High School: Caddo Mills High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Latin American Studies with a History Concentration, Global Engagement and History minors

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    Why Wes?  Coming from a small town, I knew little outside of the bubble that I had been a part of. Being open for new experiences, I applied to Wes knowing that it was halfway across the country to have a fresh start. Wesleyan has offered me the interdisciplinary education that I did not know I was looking for. As a QuestBridge Scholar, I was looking for a place that offered me a new way of thinking.

    Favorite Class?  Freshman year, I took a history class with Professor Eudell called Race and the Formation of the Modern World. I was Pre-Med and focused on majoring in STEM, but something about the class caught my attention in a way that made me change paths. Quoting Niklas Luhmann, Professor Eudell said that our communities are an autopoietic, auto-instituting, living society that we continuously help shape. I think about the things I try to create every now and then.

    Activities at Wes:  As a first generation student from a small high school, Wesleyan was pretty hard for me when I got here. My freshman and sophomore years I devoted all of my time to studying, and junior year the pandemic impacted activities on campus. Even though I’ve had to work hard academically and have a work-study job, I have friends and a social life. I like to play pool and ping pong whenever possible, I like to skateboard around campus, and I love to cook with my girlfriend and watch sci-fi shows with her on the weekends.

    Off campus activities, internships, jobs:  During the summer it gets really hot in Texas, and everyone starts watering their grass like crazy. That is why I have helped my dad with his business mowing lawns ever since I was in middle school. During my sophomore summer, I was able to shadow surgeons at a hospital in Trento, Italy. This summer, I earned the Jessica and Josh Goldin ACG summer grant that I have been using to build a greenhouse with a gravity fed NFT hydroponic system to grow vegetables for my local community.

  • Myla Stovall

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: West Orange, NJ

    High School: The Pingry School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: English with a concentration in creative writing and Psychology majors, African American Studies minor

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    Why Wes?  I chose Wesleyan for a plethora of reasons! First and foremost, the community here is absolutely incredible. Everyone at Wesleyan, from the students to the faculty and staff, is so creative, open-minded, enthusiastic, and friendly. I feel like I’m constantly meeting new people with new curiosities, interests, and insights into the world around us. I also absolutely love the open curriculum! The ability to have so much academic autonomy, while also having the option for a more structured course load with General Education Expectations, is a super unique and enriching academic opportunity that was a huge pull for me to come to Wesleyan as well!

    Favorite Class?  My favorite class at Wesleyan has definitely been Advanced Poetry: Radical Revision, taught by Professor Murillo. As a student with a large interest in creative writing, I typically lean more towards long-form writing, but I took a chance on Professor Murillo’s Techniques of Poetry course my junior fall and fell in love with poetry, as well as the artistic and creative freedoms that a poet has when writing and revising their poems. Professor Murillo always fostered such a supportive classroom environment where I really felt that I could lean into different risks and elements with my poetry, and now I find myself writing poetry in my spare time! Highly recommend!

    Activities at Wes:  In addition to being a Senior Interviewer, I also work in the Admissions Office as a Campus Tour Guide! I am also one of the captains of Wesleyan’s Field Hockey team and sit on the team’s Racial Justice Committee. Additionally, I am Vice President of the Student-Athlete of Color Leadership Council and work with University Communications as a Social Media Intern.

    Outside Wes:  For Summer 2021 I am interning as a Human Resources intern for Fremont Group, based in San Francisco. I’ve also had intern experience/career interests in talent acquisition, social media marketing, and the production and entertainment realms. In my free time, I love to paint, cook, write, exercise, and rewatch some of my favorite shows!
  • Ori Cantwell

    Pronouns: He/Him/His

    Hometown: Washington, DC

    High School: Templeton Academy

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Psychology major, Applied Data Science certificate, Religion minor

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    Why Wes?  Coming from DC, where everything is a competition all the time, I was told that I had to choose between colleges with academic rigor and colleges where students were actually happy. When I visited Wes, I realized that this was a false binary and that I could be in an academically challenging environment where my peers were still enjoying themselves and had healthy social-emotional lives. I applied Early Decision, knowing that I would thrive in Wes’s warm and supportive culture. 

    Favorite Class?  My favorite class at Wes was Data Visualization in the Quantitative Analysis Center (QAC), with Prof. Val Nazzaro. Besides being the most fun class I’ve taken, Data Viz taught me how to tell stories with data by combining quantitative and qualitative tools. My final project used Spotify data to compare Taylor Swift’s songs and albums. Since then, I’ve been a two-time course assistant for Data Viz, and have loved it just as much each time.

    Activities at Wes:  I’m on the board of the Wesleyan Jewish Community, which has been one of the places I’ve found a sense of home on campus. I’ve also worked in the Office of Admission since my first week at Wes! I’ve been an Overnight Hosting Coordinator, a friendly face at the front desk, a tour guide, and engaged prospective students in WesChats.

    Outside Wes:  My sophomore summer I worked as a Research Associate in a digital psychology research lab at Georgetown University, and my junior summer I worked as a Summer Analyst at Analysis Group (Boston).

    Thesis:  I’ve previously researched the role of political ideology and anxiety in social distancing and COVID-19 information sharing. Now, I’m doing a General Scholarship thesis with a QAC advisor, Prof. Pavel Oleinikov, as well as the Wesleyan Media Project. My thesis will use Facebook political ad data and time-series network analysis methods to explore the spread of QAnon language in right-wing Facebook ads. I hope to understand more about how online misinformation and conspiracies can be contagious and lead to infodemics (information epidemics).

  • Philippe Bungabong

    Pronouns: He/Him/His

    Hometown: Manila, Philippines

    High School: Philippine Science High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Economics and Applied Data Science

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    Why Wes?  I chose Wesleyan for two significant reasons: I wanted to go to a university where I would be able to explore as many disciplines as possible, and I wanted to be part of a community that thrives on collaboration, not competition. I attended a science high school in the Philippines and spent my secondary education mostly focusing on science, mathematics, and engineering, while barely studying the social sciences, arts, and humanities. There are plenty of schools that enable you to explore a variety of fields, but at Wesleyan everyone openly shares ideas and solutions with one another. I thought that Wesleyan would be the perfect fit for me. So far, I have been right.

    Favorite class and why?  ECON 300 (Quantitative Methods in Economics) is undoubtedly my favorite class at Wesleyan. Using the econometric techniques we learned, I wrote a research paper on how agricultural public expenditure relates to GDP growth in Southeast Asia, where 90 percent of the world’s rice is produced and consumed. My paper had important policy implications for agricultural expenditure in Southeast Asia. ECON 300 made me realize that economics is a field that will help me see—and more importantly, quantify—how different systems interact with one another and how their interactions shape the broader world.

    Activities at Wes:  Apart from being a Senior Interviewer, I am a Tour Guide at the Office of Admission, a Peer Career Advisor at the Gordon Career Center, a Teaching Assistant in the Economics Department, and a Co-Captain of the Wesleyan Sailing Team. I previously conducted research as a Digital Scholarship Fellow, where I used machine learning techniques to analyze Philippine-American commerce pre-World War II. I was able to present my research at the Northeast Regional Computing Program Conference in Providence, RI and the Connecticut Digital Humanities Conference in Hartford, CT.

    Off-campus activities, internships, and jobs:  Outside of school, I co-lead CAUSE Philippines, a nonprofit that has helped 47 low-income Filipino students win over $13.2M in scholarships from 87 universities worldwide. I spent my previous summers working for a multinational hedge fund, a New York-based blockchain firm, and a Southeast Asian tech startup. When I’m home in Manila, I volunteer to prepare meals for the less fortunate and tutor elementary school kids in math and science. I also enjoy singing and writing songs, and I try not to sound horrendous in karaoke.
  • Qura-Tul-Ain Khan

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: East Windsor, CT

    High School: East Windsor High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Science in Society Program with concentrations in Biology and Religion

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    Why Wes?  In my short visit to Wesleyan, I fell in love. I met several students who were academically driven and diverse in their studies. Students were well-rounded, as they discussed and connected ideas ranging from film studies to politics, while challenging each other. Wesleyan felt like a place I could grow and expand my thinking as an individual, so I applied to Wesleyan as one of my top choices.

    Favorite Class, and why?  My favorite class has to be Anthropology of Science with Dr. Mitali Thakor. This course explored the culture behind science and technology and how the intersectionality of gender, sexuality, politics, and power shape this culture. This course defined a new way of thinking. It showed me civilizations and communities have a culture, and science - a very objective study - has a culture that is produced in similar ways to that of a civilization.

    Activities at Wes:  Throughout my Wesleyan experience, I have been able to take part in several activities. My most notable experiences are being a McNair Scholar, a member of Dr. Ishita Mukerji’s Molecular Biology & Biophysics Lab. On the less academic side, I have played a very active role in the Muslim Student Association and am a member of Alpha Delta Phi. My absolute favorite activity is planning the annual Student of Color Fashion Show.

    Off Campus activities, internships, jobs:  Off campus, I volunteer at Saint Francis Hospital in Hartford, CT in the emergency department. I have worked in Middletown at the Community Health Center’s Family Wellness Center. I loved working with my boss and the families that would come to the center. I was also an intern with the Keep the Promise Coalition and worked closely with Ms. Sheil-Hughes to advocate for policies that would increases access to mental health care and resources.
  • Romina Beltran Lazo

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

    High School: The Putney School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Studio Art, concentration in Photography and Anthropology

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    Why Wes?  I choose Wesleyan because of its community-oriented essence. The personally meaningful and generous interactions that I observed in my first visit to campus completely drew me in. In addition, the multidisciplinary and fluid academic repertoire has allowed me to pursue and open up diverse threads of inquiry that have impacted my personal, educational and social growth. Wesleyan’s community continues to challenge the way I understand the world and my place in it.

    Favorite Class, and why?  “Visualizing Black Remains”, an Anthropology and African American Studies course, imparted by Professor Mlondi Zondi. This course pushed me to confront the gaps in how I was taught the history of my own country and my role in the construction and narration of its historical present. Its syllabus questioned western projections of African diasporic subjectivities as well as the ethics of reparation/repatriation, through critical thought theory of aesthetic production (visual art, performance, film, literature).

    Activities at Wes:  I am a Race, Nationality and Ethnicity Intern at Wesleyan’s Resource Center, which granted me the opportunity to create student-organized programming for students with marginalized identities. By organizing students, creating spaces of dialogue, and redistributing resources, I understood the importance of actively working to dismantle oppressive structures and ideologies on a professional and interpersonal level. I am also part of The Workshop, a student-run art collective that cultivates accessible and collective spaces of artistic expression.

    Off-campus activities, internships, jobs:  The past two summers I have returned to my beloved hometown, Guadalajara, where worked as a research and redaction intern at a local NGO that provides juridical and psychological services for cases of human rights violations in Jalisco; as well as a research assistant for quantitative and qualitative studies at a consulting firm. In my free time, I take photographs of my family members and friends that explore the topics of class, race and intimacy.
  • Sam Brumer

    Pronouns: He/Him/His

    Hometown: Montville, NJ

    High School: Montville Township High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Government and College of Social Studies double major, Religion minor

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    Why Wes?  My high school gave students limited flexibility, offering just a handful of classes and clubs. I knew I wanted something different in college, so the broad range of opportunities at Wesleyan stood out to me. From social lives to academics, it was clear to me that Wesleyan allows students to explore whatever it is that interests them. The large number of options combined with Wesleyan’s small, close-knit community drew me to the school.

    Favorite Class?  My favorite class was Religion 151: What is Religion? This course changed the way I think about the world. For example, I never really thought about the namesake of the course—what defines religion, and who gets to decide? I stumbled into this course as a first-year student who needed to add another course, and I knew within a week that I would take more religion classes.

    Activities at Wes:  In addition to being a Senior Interviewer, I also work in the Office of Admission as a Tour Guide and the Tour Guide Coordinator. Beyond that, I am the Treasurer and a Chair of the Wesleyan Student Assembly, our student government, and I am also an active member of our Mock Trial team.

    Off campus activities:  I did Speech and Debate in high school, so I’ve volunteered for a few different organizations that work to make the activity more accessible. I also worked with Academy4SocialChange, where I wrote scripts for short educational videos. In the only in-person summer I’ve had as a Wesleyan student, I interned for a judge at my local courthouse. Lastly, I’ve tutored a handful of students throughout the past few years.

  • Sela Adegbile

    Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

    Hometown: Manhattan, NY

    High School: Beacon High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Psychology and African American Studies majors, Education Studies minor

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    Why Wes?  I chose Wesleyan because I wanted a change of scenery from New York City, the sense of community I felt while touring campus was unlike any other school I toured, and the open curriculum would allow me to explore a variety of my academic interests all at once.   I’ve found endless opportunities to engage with the Middletown community in meaningful ways, a tight-knit community that always seems to bring new faces in to my life each semester, and the curriculum allowed me to take dance as a Psychology and AFAM major.

    Favorite Class, and why?  My favorite class was called Black Middletown Lives, during which we got to dig deeply into the abundant Black history of Middletown, researching the free Black Beman family who owned a neighborhood called the Beman triangle, which is now home to Wesleyan dance studios, and student housing on our campus. It commenced with a joyful Zoom presentation where students presented their research, and Middletown community members reflected on the importance of Black Middletown history to their lives.

    Activities at Wes:  WesBuds, Cardinal Kids, Traverse Square Afterschool Program, Wesleyan Refugee Project

    Off campus activities, internships, jobs:  Counselor at Frost Valley YMCA, Education Research Intern at Child Trends, Cooking Fanatic, Long-walker, Ocean-lover

  • Shiva Ramkumar

    Pronouns: Any/All pronouns

    Hometown: Singapore

    High School: School of the Arts Singapore

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Music, South Asian Studies and Social Cultural and Critical Theory

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    Why Wes?  My academic passions have always been simultaneously quite specific and very general, and Wesleyan's open curriculum was the perfect way to honour all of my interests. I've had the opportunity to study music in great depth, while also taking other classes across a variety of departments that have both enhanced my understanding of my major and also introduced me to new and fascinating things. Wes has also been a space for personal exploration, and has helped me grow into and learn a lot about myself.

    Favorite Class, and why?  Probably Imagining Anticolonial Performance Practices! It was very challenging as it was the first theatre class I'd ever taken, and in addition to the new terminologies and ways of thinking, this class allowed me to reframe my understanding of academic writing and the role of form in writing, which has been so impactful in how I approach my other work.

    Activities at Wes:  I sing some fun chamber choir music with one of our campus a capella groups, the Mixolydians. I'm also a Digital Scholarship Fellow, where I learn about and work on projects in the digital humanities. Since my freshman year, I've worked with Admissions as a tour guide and as a tutor in the Writing Workshop

    Off campus activities, internships, jobs:  This summer, I'm interning part-time with the Smithsonian Institution's nonprofit record label Smithsonian Folkways, working on a new online music education project. In addition, I'm a Communications Intern with the Levitt Foundation, which focuses on invigorating communities by activating underutilised public spaces with live music events. I'm also working on writing a collection of recipes and food-based experiences of the South Asian diaspora!
  • Tom Holley

    Pronouns: He/Him/His

    Hometown: Cheshire, CT

    High School: Kent School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Government and Economics double major

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    Why Wes?  I grew up 20 minutes from Wesleyan and was aware there was a highly regarded college in Middletown, but never considered going here as a kid. Obviously, something changed. I went to a small high school and that helped me realize the most important aspect of my college search was finding a school with a supportive, engaged, and interesting community. On my first visit to Wes, every student I spoke to was helpful and I encountered a variety of interests and backgrounds. I knew the people here would provide the community I wanted.

    Favorite Class, and why?  My favorite class so far has been American Constitutional Law with Professor Alyx Mark. I’m thinking about going to law school after Wes and this class gave me a good introduction into some of the skills I would need. Professor Mark was engaging and made somewhat boring material really entertaining. One of our midterms was a mock Supreme Court oral argument, and I got to pretend to be Chief Justice Roberts for the day.

    Activities at Wes:  I am on the varsity baseball team, I play club ice hockey, and I am the student ambassador for the Movember Foundation, a non-profit which fights prostate and testicular cancer.

    Off campus activities, internships, jobs:  This past summer I lived in Washington D.C. and worked for Titleist doing marketing and sales. Two summers ago, I interned for the First Tee of Connecticut, a non-profit that provides affordable access to golf for non-traditional golf communities. During the winter I coach a youth hockey team.