Meet Our Tour Guides

Taking a tour of campus is a great way to get a hands-on feel for life at Wes. Our student tour guides are a microcosm of Wesleyan: diverse in background, thoughts and interests with a shared curiosity for learning and a genuine enthusiasm for all things Wes.

  • Aldrean Alogon '23

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Capiz, Philippines

    High School: Philippine Science High School - WVC

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Economics, Physics and Astronomy 

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    Why Wes? I was not aware of how universities worked in America, and when I started doing my research for college applications, I was amazed at the alien concept of liberal arts. I wanted to have control over my education and satisfy my curiosity in a wide variety of fields, and Wesleyan gives just that. As a Freeman Asian scholar who wants to give back to my country, the culture of social engagement also lured me in.

    Why I love being a tour guide: Aside from loving to talk to a wide variety of people, I enjoy telling people about Wesleyan! I love walking visitors on College Row, talking to enthusiastic families while they get their cup of coffee in the Admissions Office, and answering questions from eager high schoolers.

    Extracurriculars: Map the System, Podcasting, Tutoring

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Senior Week

    Favorite Movie: Interstellar

    Favorite Song: Only You by The Platters

    Fun Fact: My home is in the middle of rice paddies!

  • Alp Yucel '25

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey

    High School: The Koc School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Prospective Economics and English double major and Data Science minor

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    Why Wes? Before coming here, I was really intrigued by the “Keep Wes Weird” motto. After I while I realized that a place which can accept weirdness, that being something that is not the regular consensus, is exactly what I and people need since no one should be satisfied by the status quo and aspire for something different, weird, better.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I hope people to have the great Wes experience I currently am having.

    Extracurriculars: Staff writer at the Argus, club soccer and intramural soccer and basketball

    Favorite Movie: Metropolitan by Whit Stillman

    Favorite Song: Ease Yourself and Glide - Parsley Sound

    Fun Fact: I can speak three languages

  • Amary Figueroa '23

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

    High School: Animo Inglewood Charter High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Double major in Film and Latin American Studies with a concentration in Government 

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    Why Wes? Growing up in LA I didn’t realize schools like Wesleyan existed. I’m First Gen and Low Income, which comes with its own struggles, but going to college out of state was something that didn’t seem real to me. Luckily, I was part of a College prep program that showed me what college could be. They took us to the East Coast and showed us many Liberal Arts schools and Wesleyan was one of them. I never had a dream school; in California we have the UCs and Cal- states which are great but I could never see myself in them. After an amazing tour and info session, I could see myself at Wesleyan. I don’t know how to explain it but what made Wesleyan feel so different from the other schools was how welcoming it was when we got there. I saw myself make a home out of something that felt so out of home and that’s what happened.

    Why I love being a tour guide: What ultimately made me chose Wesleyan was a great tour. I also understand the position of not knowing what school you want to go to and if I can help someone with that then I know I did something right. Whether people on my tours realize Wesleyan is the best option or maybe its not the right fit for them, they will be on their way closer to finding what they want. I feel like I was lucky to have this important experience of seeing the campus and having a student be honest with me, I would love to give that to others who come to Wes

    Extracurriculars: House Manager for La Casa, Ajua Campos, CA for Film 300, participating in senior thesis films and student films, make films and installations.

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): having my friends come to my final installation

    Favorite Movie: (it changes all the time) current: Rango

    Favorite Song: Time of our lives- pit bull

    Fun Fact: I was really close to a bison in Yellowstone, like really close.

  • Anne Horton '24

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: West Hartford, CT

    High School: Hall High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Double major in Neuroscience and Government (possible minor in History)

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    Why Wes?: I knew I wanted a small liberal arts school and when I toured Wes I just fell in love and am so happy that I chose to come here!

    Why I love being a tour guide: I want to give prospective students the same experience that I had so that they can learn about Wesleyan and fall in love.

    Extracurriculars: Women’s Crew, WesDems, WesWIS, WesCF

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Competing at NCAA championships for rowing (my boat came in third)

    Favorite Movie: Mamma Mia 2

    Favorite Song: Daylight by Taylor Swift

    Fun Fact: I refuse to eat Usdan cantaloupe.

  • Bailee Gull '24

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Cape Coral, FL

    High School: Cape Coral High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Theater and neuroscience (or Psychology) double major, on the pre-med track

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    Why Wes? I actually picked Wes randomly from a list when applying to fly-in programs my senior year of
    high school. Looking more into it, Wes really caught my attention. I was accepted to visit, and
    that weekend changed everything for me. The students. The sense of community. The campus.
    I loved everything about it. Until that point in time, I knew exactly where I was headed. My
    passion is acting. I applied to BFA acting programs and went through the whole audition
    process. When it came down to it, I was torn between Wes and a BFA school. I wanted to get an
    education beyond acting, but I really wanted the strong training and focus that a BFA program
    would give me. It became one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make. In the end, it was
    the support and love I got from Wes, before I was even a student, that solidified my decision.
    They answered every email, every question. They connected me with other students and
    faculty. They cheered me on and encouraged me, knowing there was a high chance I wouldn't
    pick their school. The answer for my “Why Wes” is simple. The people. They made me feel at
    home from 1,300 miles away, and that was what made all the difference for me.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love meeting new people and helping out any way I can. The students and support I felt waswhat made me decide to become a Cardinal, and I’m glad I get to do the same for people who are in the same boat.

    Extracurriculars: Wesleyan Cheerleading, Rho Epsilon Pi, ENSEMBLE Theatre Collective, WesTHON Hospital Relations Co-Chair, and an intern for Wesleyan’s social media team.

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): I spent this year virtual from home because of COVID, but my favorite memory so far has to be devising a show with E.T.C. this spring!

    Favorite Series: I’m a die-hard One Tree Hill fan

    Favorite Song: I could never pick one song, but anything country or musical theater

    Fun Fact: If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be mac and cheese.

  • Becca Baron '23

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Dobbs Ferry, NY

    High School: Dobbs Ferry High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Double major in Science in Society with a concentration in Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies and Education Studies.

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    Why Wes? There are three main reasons I chose Wes. I wanted a school with a small, tight-knit community; the type of place where I could walk around campus and wave to friends on my way to class. Second, I wanted to go to a place where the arts were a big part of campus life. I was a big theater kid in high school and I had to beg people to come to my performances. At Wes, people really care about the arts; a cappella shows, improv performances, and movies are always packed and they bring such a great energy to campus. Lastly, I loved the way the open curriculum and interdisciplinary majors at Wesleyan meant that I could only study what I was passionate about, and combine my interests in a way that felt right to me.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love getting to bring a personal element to the college process that can feel so impersonal. I especially love getting to share elements of student life like housing, dining, and night life.

    Extracurriculars: Outside of the classroom, I’m in a long form improv comedy group called Gag Reflex, a Jewish a cappella group called The Mazel Tones, and I started a club last fall called The Rebel Eaters Club where we discuss diet culture, fat phobia, and disordered eating. I’m also involved with the Wesleyan Jewish Community.

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Moving into my low rise apartment with three of my best friends. I’ve loved getting to feel more independant and create a comfortable space with awesome people.

    Favorite Movie: Ratatouille

    Favorite Song: Can’t Fight by Lianne La Havas

    Fun Fact: I’ve never had a roommate at Wesleyan!

  • Ben Levin '23

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Nyack, NY

    High School: Dwight-Englewood School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Government major, Civic Engagement and Education Studies minors.  Considering law school.

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    Why Wes? To put it simply, I chose Wes because of the people. After visiting campus and talking to the few friends I knew there, I realized that the passion and drive of the students was unmatched at any other school I had applied to. Since making the decision to come to Wes, I can confidently say that the passion students have inspires others to find their paths and discover their academic interests. I also love that I’m constantly challenged at Wes, in terms of the rigor of academic courses, diversity of extracurricular opportunities, and complex conversations with my peers. Wes has only exceeded my expectations for college, and I couldn’t imagine going to school anywhere else.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love being a tour guide because I love connecting with people! During my college process, I based a lot of my perceptions of a school off of the tour guide because it’s a point person and an ambassador for that school. I like to describe myself as a beagle, as I’m excitable and eager to help others, so this opportunity is perfect for me because I get to contribute to other people’s college journey while talking about something I love very much- Wes!

    Extracurriculars: Wesleyan Mock Trial, Club Tennis, Ramah College Network Coordinator at Wesleyan, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Tour Guide!

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): My favorite moment at Wes so far has probably been my Mock Trial team’s amazing weekend at our Regional tournament during the spring of my first year. Not only did we perform super well, but the weekend was pivotal for me because it was the moment I realized I didn’t want to be anywhere else other than competing and making memories with those goofballs.

    Favorite Movie: School of Rock

    Favorite Song: Leave the Door Open by Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak, Silk Sonic

    Fun Fact: I have perfect pitch!

  • Chad White '23

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    High School: Francis Parker

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Psychology, African-American Studies, Film

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    Why Wes? I chose Wes for two main reasons. The first being the open curriculum and being afforded the chance to explore all my areas of interests my first semester. Secondly, I believe that the people really make the school and Wes has the most passionate people I have ever met. Both inside and outside the classroom I’ve found Wes students to cultivate a very vibrant community.

    Why I Love being a tour guide? When I was doing the college search process my Wesleyan tour was a large part as to why I chose Wes. I enjoy getting the opportunity to bring campus to life and giving prospective students a sense of what their future at Wes could look like.

    Extracurriculars: Improv, Stand-up, Greek life, Acting in film theses, S&C worker

    Fav Wes Moment: All comedy shows I’ve been apart of

    Favorite movie: Skyfall or Into the Spider-verse

    Favorite song: Try A Little Tenderness -Otis Redding

    Fun Fact: I’m a pescatarian
  • Chantal Dunn '25

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Belmont, MA

    High School: Belmont High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: College of Social Studies

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    Why Wes? In high school, I had a variety of different interests - track, theater, a cappella, environmentalism, the list goes on! In order to pursue my various passions, I had to compartmentalize the different sections of my life, juggling my schedule and switching my personality to cater to each group. At Wesleyan, everyone has a unique combination of interests. No one is confined to any one box, and we all support each other in our vastly different pursuits. I was drawn to Wesleyan students and faculties’ creativity, and their ability to accomplish their elaborate goals in individualistic ways!

    Why I love being a tour guide: I have had the most amazing experience as a first year at Wesleyan, and hope to show others even a sliver of how unique Wesleyan’s academics and community are. I also love talking a captive audience’s ear off!

    Extracurriculars: I am a member of Triple Major, Wesleyan’s competition a cappella group, and the SHAC (Student Health Advisory Committee). I have also dabbled in Boxing Club!

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Watching my friends perform in their new student band in the WestCo Cafe!

    Favorite Movie: Dead Poets Society

    Favorite Song: Ends of the Earth by Lord Huron

    Fun Fact: I have two little brothers and used to have a pet African dwarf frog!

  • Chinaly Chanvong '23

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Springfield, MA

    High School: SABIS

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: CSS (College of Social Studies)

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    Why Wes? During my pre-frosh overnight stay at Wes I feel in love with the student culture and diversity, it really allows for everyone to grow as a person. I went to a K-12 school that was super competitive and cliquey between the students and I didnt want that in college. Wes showed itself to be the opposite of that, where the people around you inspired you to be who you are and comfortable in your own skin.

    Why I love being a tour guide: As an FGLI student, tours were the most integral parts when it came to picking a college. After the tour I had when I was a pre-frosh, I knew Wes was the place for me and that was largely on the tour guide I had. Being able to do the same and hopefully show that Wes is the place for you is why I love doing what I do!

    Extracurriculars: Club Soccer, hiking, being a barista, and cooking

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Finishing sophomore CSS Comprehensive Examinations and celebrating it!

    Favorite Movie: The Florida Project

    Favorite Song: Soaked by BENEE

    Fun Fact: I dont know how to ride a bike.

  • Clay Collisson '23

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Seattle, WA

    High School: Meadowdale High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Biology and Government double major (pre-med)

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    Why Wes? I chose to go to Wes for two main reasons.  First, I loved the Middletown community and the vibe of being in a small town. I felt like everyone going to was connected to each other and the school.  Secondly, I loved the academic freedom I was given. I was able to study and major in two completely different subjects and take whatever classes I pleased

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love being a tour guide because I get to connect with new people and have a positive impact on prospective students' lives

    Extracurriculars: Club soccer, Club Badminton, Workin cell signaling lab, American Medical Student Association, Volunteer at local hospital

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): I loved attending a psi-u formal with all my friends freshman year. It was one of the moments where Wesleyan started to feel like home and I met so many amazing people there.

    Favorite Movie: Die Hard (the 1st one)

    Favorite Song: In Your Atmosphere - John Mayer

    Fun Fact: I love learning new languages
  • Daisy Montoya '24

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Zion, IL

    High School: Zion-Benton Township High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Double major in Psychology and Education Studies

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    Why Wes? I chose Wes because of the flexibility the open curriculum offers. I wanted college to be a time where I explore my personal interests as well as my academic interests. During my time at Wes, I have found a love for dance from taking an introductory course, and I plan on pursuing this passion by taking more courses in the future. I was able to explore different subjects because of the open curriculum, and this helped me decide my majors.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I enjoy interacting with people from all around, and I like welcoming prospective students and families to Wes. I appreciate being able to talk about my personal experience at Wes being a first-generation, low-income student of color.

    Extracurriculars: Traverse Square Tutoring, WesInterpreters, Latin American Student Organization (LASO), First-Generation Low-Income (FGLI) Advisory Board Member, Latin & Ballroom Dance Team

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Celebrating the end of Hispanic Heritage Month with Viernes Gigante

    Favorite Movie: Coco

    Favorite Song: Antes Que Se Acabe - Bad Bunny

    Fun fact: I go to México every other year to visit family

  • Danielle Garten '24

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Baltimore, MD

    High School: Garrison Forest School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Psychology and Environmental Studies majors, Civic Engagement minor

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    Why Wes? I wanted to go to a school where students were eager to be involved in all facets of school life, and I hoped to join a community where faculty supports their students in all of their passions and aspirations. When I visited Wes, I could feel the excitement as students walked between their classes and when I talked to my tour guide about all of the unique traditions and events that happen every day. I am so happy that all the reasons that I chose Wes are still so prevalent even though I began my first year at college during the pandemic.

    Why I love being a tour guide: College tours are so important for students to get a real feel of the school and to meet their future classmates. I love to be able to relate to prospective students' interests and passions and connect them to what I believe they will like the most about Wesleyan.

    Extracurriculars: Club Badminton, Wesleyan Jewish Community, Traverse Square Afterschool Program, Sunrise Middletown

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Watching Prometheus on Foss during Halloween

    Favorite Movie: Tangled

    Favorite Song: Big Yellow Taxi

    Fun Fact: I was born without wisdom teeth!
  • Daniel Goldberg '24

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Hastings on Hudson, NY

    High School: Hastings High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Prospective psychology major and Economics minor

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    Why Wes? The energy at Wes is incredible. Every day at Wes I wake up surrounded by students who have genuine interests in so many fascinating things that they approach with passion, not in a competitive, cut-throat way. In my college search, I wanted a place that allowed me to explore a lot of different interests without feeling constrained, something that the open-curriculum allows me to do. The people at Wes are genuine and there is a culture of social justice and wanting to work on the world to be the best it can be. The vibe of free-spirited openness is contagious and it’s a truly beautiful place to discover yourself and be the most authentic version of yourself.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I know the college search can be really difficult and I was super unsure for most of mine. In the process I think I gained a lot of helpful insight that I can pass on to others. Colleges can start to blur together when looking at so many, but being able to talk about things that don’t fully show up on paper: like the special vibe and people at Wesleyan is special to me. I am lucky to be able to share my passion for Wes, a place that has changed my life profoundly, and I hope I can help show others a glimpse of how it might change theirs.

    Extracurriculars: Wesleyan Foster Care Support Project

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Cheering on my friends at the Wes Burlesque performance!

    Favorite Movies: Inside Out, The Truman Show

    Favorite Song: Love On Top - Beyoncé

    Fun Fact: I taught myself calligraphy and love hand lettering!
  • Divya Rajachandran '22

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: El Paso, TX

    High School: Dallastown Area High School (York, PA)

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Government major, double minor in Film Studies and History

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    Why Wes: I chose Wesleyan because of its collaborative and supportive faculty and student body.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love meeting new people and sharing my experiences at wes!

    Extracurriculars: Wesleyan Media Project, Wesleyan Refugee Project, Arcadia Political Magazine

    Favorite moment at Wes (so far): Sitting with my friends on foss and watching spring fling.

    Favorite Movie: Up

    Favorite Song: Dust in the Wind- Kansas

    Fun Fact: I live on the US-Mexico border.

  • Emma Bella Bass-Lawrence '24

    Pronouns: They/She

    Hometown: Fairfield, CT

    High School: Fairfield Warde High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Music and Sociology

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    Why Wes? In high school, I dreaded having to decide between academics and music for college because I didn’t think I’d be able to fully pursue both passions together. Wesleyan is unique because it lets me explore many interests at the same time and even learn how they connect to one another. The campus is filled with people who are creative, intellectual, and multi-faceted, and Wes has a community that welcomes and challenges me.

    Why I love being a tour guide: My favorite part of college admissions was going on tours and getting a glimpse of the community at different schools. I know how stressful the overall process can be and I want to provide a positive and exciting experience for high school students visiting Wesleyan.

    Extracurriculars: Orchestra, Wesleyan Democrats, Sound Co-op, working at Wesleyan RJ Julia Bookstore, Wesleyan Jewish Community, playing piano with my band, Second Stage pit orchestras

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Playing at Spring Fling with my band last year

    Favorite Movie: Jesus Camp

    Favorite Song: Station to Station - David Bowie

    Fun Fact: I have a mannequin that lives in the basement of my dorm.

  • Erin Byrne '24

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Broomfield, CO

    High School: Peak to Peak Charter School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Double major in Science in Society and Psychology.  Also considering a minor in Film or the Writing Certificate.

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    Why Wes? I love how passionate the people at Wesleyan are. The academic culture here is collaborative rather than competitive and I know that everyone around me wants to help me succeed. Wesleyan also provides amazing opportunities to the students here. There are always professors looking for students to work in their labs, be their TA’s, or help with outside research projects. Even as a freshman I made amazing connections with faculty which helped me set up a job for the following year.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I am grateful that I ended up at a school that fit me so well, and want to help other people do the same.

    Extracurriculars: I work at the Center for the Arts on community engagement projects. I am also a tutor for Upward Bound Math Science and Cross St Tutoring. I am involved with the theater community on campus and in the fall I will be a research fellow for the College of the Environment.

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Eating by the river and watching the sunset with my friends

    Favorite Movie: Real Genius

    Favorite Song: It’s Alright by Mother Mother

    Fun Fact: I used to work on a train at a railroad museum

  • Fa'alataitaua Malietoa Fitisemanu '24

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT

    High School: Brighton High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Prospective Microbiology and Biochemistry major and IDEAS minor

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    Why Wes? Wesleyan is a place which provided a positive change in environment which I needed after high school, where I could feel challenged while still feeling at home and accepted.

    Why I Love Being a Tour Guide: I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them, and I also get the opportunity to show them something which I am very passionate about and want others to enjoy.

    Extracurriculars: Varsity Men’s Swimming & Diving

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Watching Wesleyan’s baseball team play on Sundays in the middle of campus with friends.

    Favorite Movie: Coco and Moana

    Favorite Song: No Scrubs by TLC

    Fun Fact: I had never seen so many trees in one place until moving to Connecticut.

  • Georgia Garrison '22

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Montclair, NJ

    High School: Montclair High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Theater and Sociology double major, Dance minor

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    Why Wes? I loved how Wes seemed like a judgement-free environment of exploration for people to push themselves. One of the biggest pulls to Wes for me was the student theater scene. It is so accessible and easy to jump into — and that’s true of all different activities here. I loved that this was also true academically and socially — there’s room to move, it’s easy to experiment with all kinds of different interests and groups, and I would never feel like I was being put in a box.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love helping anyone and everyone imagine themselves here, and imagine a world in which college is something they, too, can love an embarrassing amount. Because I truly believe that there is a space for everyone here at Wesleyan.

    Extracurriculars: WesBurlesque, Fusion (hip hop group), Second Stage (student theater), student films, Photo Lab Assistant, theater and dance guest artist productions

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): watching the sunrise on Foss with Burlesque

    Favorite Movie: Palm Springs

    Favorite Musical Artist: NoName

    Fun Fact: I’m lactose intolerant and all I eat is dairy :p

  • Guy Bennevat Haninovich '23

    Hometown: NYC

    High School: NEST+m (New Explorations into Sci Tech and Math)

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Earth and Enfironmental Science and Computer Science double major, Informatics and Modeling minor

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    Why Wes? When applying to colleges I was very concerned about putting myself in a box and limiting the courses offered to me. I was really drawn to the open curriculum and the opportunities afforded to me to take classes in the social sciences and humanities while maintaining a strong STEM background. Whether it’s been through academic peer advisors or faculty advisors I’ve been really encouraged to take classes outside of my major and comfort zone. While in the moment I may have struggled a little, I am very glad that I did so and very grateful that I was encouraged to do so.

    Why I love being a tour guide: It is fulfilling to both showcase Wes from my perspective and see it through the eyes of potential students.

    Extracurriculars: Captain for Throw Culture - Wesleyan’s all-gender ultimate frisbee club team. Brewer for WesHomebrew Club. Student worker at Red and Black Cafe. Geology research within the Earth and Environmental Science department. Environmental Archaeology research with Dr. Brunson

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Terp!! Terp is an amazing dance group on campus that doesn’t require an audition. 1/3 of campus is involved in terp (either on stage or in the audience) and no one on stage or in the audience knows what’s going on.

    Favorite Movie: Woman in Gold

    Favorite Song: Infinince or Infinity — Terence Etc.

    Fun Fact: This summer I got 6 tick bites but no lyme disease!
  • Halle Newman '23

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Burlington, VT

    High School: Burlington High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: History and Dance double major

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    Why Wes? No matter where you are on campus, the enthusiasm level is always through the roof. Wesleyan is a place where people are unapologetically curious and are guided by their passions. I knew Wes would be a place where I would always be surrounded by collaborators and people who inspire me.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I get to introduce people to a place I love so much.

    Extracurriculars: Ultimate frisbee, acapella, the Argus, dance

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Sledding down Foss hill during a snowstorm at the end of my freshman year.

    Favorite Movie: Inception

    Favorite Song: Anything by Taylor Swift

    Fun Fact: I make delicious sandwiches!

  • Hunter Julo '22

    Pronouns: They/She

    Hometown: Kansas City, MO

    High School: Pembroke Hill School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: English (Creative Writing) and Art History

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    Why Wes? I love being from the Midwest, but when it was time for me to choose a college, I was excited to leave my conservative, prep school community. In my college search, I wanted an open-curriculum and a non-competitive academic environment. After being accepted to Wes, I decided to attend WesFest, a long weekend in the springtime when pre-frosh are invited to campus. During my campus visit, I attended an acapella concert, a rush event, a party, and got food from Whey Station (the grilled cheese food truck). My WesFest experience showed me the vibrancy of the Wes campus from dawn to dusk, and I experienced how the passion of each student drives Wes’ student life. I felt like Wesleyan would be a place where I could create and learn without the judgement of others, and I committed to Wes the next morning. 

    Why I love being a tour guide: I was able to make my decision to attend Wes by experiencing the Wesleyan community and identifying how I could be a part of it. In a pandemic world, community feels both alien and necessary. Although visitors cannot experience Wes’ community in the same way, I want to be a tour guide so that I can help showcase the infectious passion present among the student body, even in unforeseen circumstances.

    Extracurriculars: Senior Film Theses, Second Stage, Fray Magazine

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): The Battle of the Cover Bands concert at Music House in March of 2020. It was the last musical event that I attended before the pandemic, and my friends’ cover band won!

    Favorite Movie(s): Howl’s Moving Castle, Lady Bird

    Favorite Song(s): Little Girl Blue by Janis Joplin and You Are the Apple by Lady Lamb

    Fun Fact: I read tarot cards!

  • Isabel Hoffman '24

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Bethesda, MD

    High School: Walt Whitman High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Film Studies, Sociology

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    Why Wes: For me, a huge draw to Wesleyan was the mix of rigorous academics and the high emphasis on the creative arts. A lot of my time at Wesleyan has been spent working on various music and film projects with fellow students. This speaks so purely to the culture here-- people want to work together, to collaborate and combine their talents to explore new areas and create something unique and unforeseen. Not only do we create, but we pour ourselves and all our efforts into it, simply because we love what we do and giving projects all our efforts is inherent to who we are as Wesleyan students.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love sharing my personal experiences here at Wes with prospective students and families. As a high school student, I always found college tours to be helpful and insightful, so I’m grateful to be able to give that experience to others and share what I love about Wes.

    Extracurriculars: Lead guitarist in student band, music mentor at Oddfellows Playhouse, producing student films, member of Wesleyan Jewish Community.

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Performing with my band (with fellow tour guide Emma Bella Bass-Lawrence) at Spring Fling

    Favorite Movie: Into the Wild

    Fun Fact: I once biked from Seattle to San Francisco over a summer.
  • Jack Vigue '25

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Yarmouth, ME

    High School: Yarmouth High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Prospective Sociology and Italian double major

    Email Jack

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    Why Wes? I truly chose Wes for the people, the opportunities, and the passion. When I was looking at colleges, I knew I wanted a place where I could explore my wide variety of interests and maintain the passion I have for each and every one of them. Wesleyan provided me that opportunity through the open curriculum and overall sense of passion each member of the student body has. It was because of my tour that I was able to grasp the extent to which Wes students are eager to get to work, but also enjoy the process. The environment here is collaborative and invigorating, and I chose Wes to partake in that adventure and learn more about myself along the way.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love being a tour guide because it gives me the opportunity to chat with prospective students about this lovely school, and hopefully be the person that excites them about coming to Wes, just as my tour guide did for me. My experience at Wesleyan has been really unique and I am always excited to share all the cool places to grab food, read a good book, write an essay, and just sit and chat with friends.

    Extracurriculars: I am a senator on the Wesleyan Student Assembly where I am a member of the Community Committee that works directly with community engagement in Middletown. I am a coordinator for CardinalKids where we teach lessons to elementary schoolers through afterschool programs. I am one of the current prezco (president of WestCo, one of the community-based living options on campus). I just started a new club on campus with some of my closest friends called CardinalTV where we are going to make monthly satire news videos about what’s going on at Wesleyan. I am also an avid runner on campus so I know all the best places to run!

    Favorite moment at Wes: I have had so many “favorite” moments at Wesleyan, but I think one of my favorites was the Common Moment during Orientation week with my current best friends on campus. We got to learn and perform a dance routine, all in the span of about 20 minutes. It was a really awesome way to get to know the people with who I’ll be spending the rest of my college experience.

    Favorite Movie: Booksmart

    Favorite song: Here With Me by Dido or Year of the Cat by Al Stewart

    Fun fact: I’m a vegetarian and I think Birkenstocks can be worn in the winter (if you have a good pair of wool socks)
  • Jess Moy '24

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Cohasset, MA

    High School: Cohasset High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Government, Music

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    Why Wes? I chose Wesleyan because I knew it was the best school that would allow me to focus on athletics and academics, all while pursuing my love of music. Additionally, coming from a small school with limited class selection, it was important that I could explore many academic avenues at my own leisure. Therefore, the open curriculum was a huge influence in my decision to come here.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I am super excited to interact with new people and share my perspective as to why I love Wes. The Wesleyan community has helped foster the person I am today/ am becoming and I want to offer authentic insight to prospective students as I remember how challenging the college process was for me.

    Extracurriculars: Women's Golf team, WESU, Outing Club

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Sledding down Foss Hill after a snowstorm

    Favorite Movie: National Treasures

    Favorite Song: Tongue Tied -Grouplove, Tidal -Noah Kahan, or any early 2010s throwbacks

    Fun Fact: I am double jointed in my fingers

  • Jori Balsam '23

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Newton, MA

    High School: Buckingham Browne and Nicols School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Neuroscience and Behavior, Education Studies double major, Jewish and Israel Studies minor

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    Why Wes? I chose Wesleyan because of the open curriculum and the campus location

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love being a tour guide because I love to show off my school and a place I love

    Extracurriculars: SAAC, Wesleyan Chabad, Women’s Ice Hockey, Women’s Lacrosse, volunteer at MacDonough Elementary school

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Spring Fling 2021

    Favorite Movie: Dead Poets Society

    Favorite Song: Young Volcanoes by Fall Out Boy

    Fun fact: I spend my summers at Camp Walden, a sleep away camp in the Adirondacks.

  • Julia Rohan '23

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland

    High School: International School of Geneva (La Grande-Boissiere)

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Neuroscience major, Chemistry minor

    Email Julia

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    Why Wes? Wesleyan offers an exciting academic environment where I can explore all the benefits of a liberal arts education while feeling encouraged and supported by my peers and professors. In addition to being challenged academically I wanted my thoughts, beliefs and perspectives to be tested. With such a diverse student body, I have encountered myself in situations that have made me question myself and ultimately helped me strengthen my voice and grow as an individual.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love sharing my personal experiences and giving prospective students meaningful insight into the friendly and supportive environment on campus. Above all, I enjoy sharing my enthusiasm about the school and making those on my tours eager to enroll.

    Extracurriculars: Tutor for IB subjects at two different tutoring companies, Volunteer for Habitat for Humanity, Member of the Wesleyan Animal Defense League, and Undergraduate Research assistant in Prof.Ezzyat's Lab.

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Rolling down Foss with friends and then getting super dizzy.

    Favorite Movie: Cowspiracy/Seaspiracy

    Favorite Song: Baiana by Bakermat

    Fun Fact: When I was 5, I feasted on a hairy tarantula while traveling through an insect market in Cambodia.

  • Kaitlyn Major Hale '23

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Bronx, NY

    High School: Grace Church High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Sociology major with an Education Studies minor

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    Why Wes? Despite the fact that I always envisioned myself at a fairly large school in a city, I chose Wes because I knew I would be able to create my own path to pursue my academic interests, there was a community of people I would be able to reconnect with from my hometown as well as so many more to establish new connections with, and that I would be opened up to so many opportunities to pursue both on and off campus.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love being a tour guide because simply put, I love to talk--especially about things that have special meaning to me. Having had such a unique experience at Wesleyan thus far, being able to share that with prospective students and families and making them feel part of a community they are considering joining is something I really look forward to.

    Extracurriculars: Board Member on the Woman of Color Collective, Member of Ujamaa, ResLife Staff Member, Eye-to Eye Club Member, ASHA (Adolescent Sexual Health Awareness) Member

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Living in the Woman of Color House and becoming so close with my housemates!

    Favorite Movie: Any and all Christmas movies!!!

    Favorite Song: Euphoria by Don Toliver (featuring Travis Scott & Kaash Paige)

    Fun Fact: In my free time, I love watching Reality TV, not for the cringe factor, but I love making observations on the editing styles, roles of the cast members, and general plot. As of now, the Bachelor/ Bachelorette and The Housewives of Atlanta/ Potomac are my top 2!
  • Kavi Talwalkar '24

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Hamden, CT

    High School: Hamden High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Psychology major, Chemistry minor (pre-med)

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    Why Wes? I chose Wes because of the flexibility that allowed me to explore around with my academic interests during my freshman year when I was still uncertain about what I wanted to do. I am also surrounded by so many students who are passionate and excited to be at Wes which makes the environment feel like home.

    Why I love being a tour guide: So that I can convey my enthusiasm about Wes to prospective students and help give them advice throughout the stressful college process

    Extracurriculars: Club Tennis, Club Soccer, SALD Office Assistant

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): During the first-semester quarantine when all of my freshmen hall would sit in our doorways and get to know each other from a distance for the first two weeks

    Favorite Movie: Fight Club

    Favorite Song: The Difference by Flume

    Fun Fact: I spend ten weeks every summer working as a camp counselor!

  • Keren N. Lebron Ramos '23

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Rahway, NJ

    High School: Rahway High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Majoring in Psychology, Italian Studies and Dance

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    Why Wes? Just three years ago the name "Wesleyan" was insignificant to me, and now it's quite the opposite! I chose Wesleyan because from the first moment that I stepped foot on campus I could vividly see myself being a student for the next 4 years. Some call it a "gut feeling", but I was certain Wesleyan offered everything I desired. With the ability to combine completely different interests into majors, the passionate students, supportive administrators and professors, and the remarkable community, I knew Wesleyan fit perfectly with my goals and aspirations!

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love being a tour guide because I can share with prospective students all of the amazing things I love at Wesleyan. I value transparency, and if students can see themselves through my shoes, in the things that I am involved in and love to do, I can possibly make their decision making a bit easier!

    Extracurriculars: Wesleyan Chrisitan Fellowship (WesCF), First-Generation Low-Income (FGLI) Advisory Board, Religious & Spiritual Leadership & Activism Council, Caliente (Hispanic Dance Group), Latin & Ballroom Dance Team, & Wesleyan for Woman and Children

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Annual Dance Showcase

    Favorite Movie: Forrest Gump

    Favorite Song: I Know Who I Am by Sinach

    Fun Fact: I did not know how to pump my own gas until I got to Wesleyan (because they pump your gas for you in NJ)! :)

  • Kyla Danquah '25

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Accra, Ghana

    High School: Lincoln Community School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Prospective Film and East Asian Studies, Data Analysis Minor or South Asian Minor

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    Why Wes? I am someone with a lot of different interests. I came here very dedicated to doing STEM, however I wanted to make sure that I was able to do my other interests. It was incredibly important to me to be able to do Music, Film, and East Asian Studies, and still have room for stem. Within my first year I was able to completely shift and do Film and East Asian studies which I would have never been able to do at other schools! Wesleyan is very multi-curricular which I completely fell in love with going here!

    Why I love being a tour guide: I am a very extroverted person, it's so fun to be able to explain to people why being at Wesleyan is a great fit for those who are struggling with knowing what they want to do in life. As well as that, as an internationshional student I was really able to find my community here, and I get to speak to other internationship students as a tour guide why the community here is so great!

    Extracurriculars: Board Member at Wesleyan's Black Student Union Ujamaa, Member of Women of Color Collective, Member of Film Workshop

    Favorite Movie: (I have like 15 but..) Avatar

    Favorite Song: (I don't have one! But I've been listening to..) Diva Beyonce

    Fun Fact: I almost lost a chunk of my toe!
  • Laia Comas '22

    Pronouns: She/They

    Hometown: Lewisburg, PA

    High School: Lewisburg Area High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Theater and Reigion double major

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    Why Wes? I chose Wesleyan because I thought it would be a place where I would learn how to use my passion to make opportunities for myself, and it turned out to be where I have learned how to use my passion to make opportunities for other people (even better!)

    Why I love being a tour guide: Giving people an honest perspective on being a student at Wesleyan.

    Extracurriculars: Second Stage, student theatre, a cappella, teaching assistant, WesWings worker

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Seeing so many people back on campus after a year and a half apart

    Favorite Movie: Howl's Moving Castle

    Favorite Song: Just the Same But Brand New - St Vincent

    Fun Fact: I was born in Barcelona!

  • Lex Bryan '23

    Pronouns: They/Them

    Hometown: Versoix, Switzerland

    High School: Ecolint, La Chataigneraie

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: I'm currently a double major in Art History and Environmental studies, but hoping to switch to Art Studio.  I also love Chemistry!  And Theatre!  And Education!

    Email Lex

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    Why Wes? In high school, being interested in a wide variety of subjects and having a constant hunger to learn and grow was not the norm. I thought it meant that I just hadn't found my niche! I was drawn to Wes because I knew I would find people like me. The wackiness, the nerdiness, the kindness, and the hunger for social change that I've felt from every professor and student I've interacted with is what makes this place feel so safe and special to me.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I knew from the moment I went on my first college tour that I wanted to lead them one day. I love the idea of helping prospective students and their families get excited about Wes, sharing my energy and the many lessons I've learned since being here, and curating every tour so that students get all they can out of it.

    Extracurriculars: Outside of class, I work in the Greenhouse as part of a Biology research lab, I teach sex-ed to highschoolers in Middletown, I volunteer with PFlag, and I sing in one of Wesleyan's all-gender a cappella groups.

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Singing to a room packed full of friends and strangers at my first ever a cappella performance (pre-pandemic)

    Favorite Movie: Honestly, the Spy Kids movies

    Favorite Song: Anything from the Rent soundtrack

    Fun Fact: My older sister actually went to Wes! We were by no means the only sibling pair on campus either.

  • Livia Cox '22

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Amherst, MA

    High School: Amherst Regional High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Double major in Neuroscience and Science in Society

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    Why Wes? Coming into college, I knew that I wanted to fulfil the pre-med requirements in hopes of applying to medical school, but did not want the pre-medical experience to dictate my course of study entirely; my love for science stems from my curiosity about humans and their workings and extends from the biological to the social, which is why I’m just as enthralled by a history class as I am by a molecular biology class and didn’t want to sacrifice one for the other. Additionally, my interest in medicine is rooted in my interest in Public Health, which is why Wesleyan’s one-of-a-kind Science in Society program was of particular interest to me. I was excited about the open curriculum, as I knew it would afford me the freedom to explore a variety of courses. But it wasn’t until I visited Wes during WesFest that I was truly sold – conversations that began in the classroom bled into lunch; I was excited the music and arts scene and was excited about violin lessons and printmaking classes that the CFA had to offer; a chipper ambience flooded campus, and students seemed genuinely happy; it was an easy decision from there.

    Why I love being a tour guide: The college selection process isn’t an easy one and having an honest and open tour guide can make all the difference, so I always strive to ensure that I’m painting an accurate and comprehensive picture of Wesleyan. I really enjoy getting to know prospective students and families and love bringing in the experiences of friends and peers to bolster the scope of my tours.

    Extracurriculars: In addition to being a tour guide and one of the program’s coordinators, I run a harm reduction nonprofit called the Middletown Harm Reduction Initiative that provides overdose prevention and safer use resources to community members who use drugs. I’m also a clinical researcher at the Community Health Center where I study the role of genetics and precision medicine in the primary care setting. I’m an EMT on the East Haddam Ambulance, the TA for the EMT course here at Wes, and a member of the Title IX Student Advisory committee. In my free time I enjoy road biking, hiking, and printmaking!

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Spring Fling 2019!

    Favorite Movie: I just watched (and loved!) Nomadland.

    Favorite Song: Right now, it’s probably Djadja by Aya Nakamura.

    Fun Fact: Two summers ago I lived and worked in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador. I haven’t been back yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to returning!

  • Maren Westgard '22

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Orange, CT

    High School: Amity Regional High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Dance, Psychology and Education triple major

    Email Maren

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    Why Wes? Wesleyan has given me the opportunity to pursue all of my academic interests, even though they are varied and not conventionally related. I also feel surrounded by peers who want to encourage each other’s growth artistically, mentally, and academically. The people around me constantly surprise me with how inventively they live their lives, and I love that about Wesleyan.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I enjoy sharing my love of Wesleyan and adding my personal perspectives to all the facts and figures about the school. I remember how important it was to me during my college search process to see a personal perspective on each school, so I like to provide that for prospective students.

    Extracurriculars: Second Stage, Sunrise Movement, Club Rugby, Presentation Studio, Dance Department Production Coordinating

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Watching Mamma Mia on Foss during the pandemic

    Favorite Series: Élite

    Favorite Song: Sh-Boom by The Chords

    Fun Fact: I’ve chopped off and donated my hair 3 times!

  • Matthew Gilbert '25

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Silver Spring, MD

    High School: Sidwell Friends School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Prospective Earth and Environmental Science and Environmental Studies double major

    Email Matthew

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    Why Wes? For me, there were two important factors for my college selection process: academics and community. For academics, my high school had a pretty competitive environment when it came to academics and I knew that that wasn’t the environment in which I learned best. Wesleyan was such a big change in that regard since everyone is really supportive and collaborative when it comes to schoolwork and studying for exams. For community, I was blown away by the number of extracurriculars that were available at Wesleyan and the wide range of classes and student groups that people were involved in, and that made me really excited to come and get involved with as many as I could.

    Why I love being a tour guide: Being on a tour was when I realized Wesleyan was my dream school and I really hope I’ll be part of that moment for others.

    Extracurriculars: Eco-Facilitator for the Sustainability Office (a three-semester program to work on sustainability initiatives on campus), member of Prometheus Fire Arts, Throw Culture - Wesleyan’s all-gender ultimate frisbee team, and Botany Club.

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Definitely the silent disco. On the last night of orientation, before all the other students moved in, we had a silent disco in the middle of Olin Library where we all had headphones with music and could change between stations to dance to what we wanted to. It felt like a perfect end to orientation and was a really memorable experience with my friends.

    Favorite Movie: Mamma Mia!

    Favorite Song: The Boxer - Simon & Garfunkel

    Fun Fact: I taught myself how to play the ukulele!

  • Meera Pawale '25

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Kendall Park, NJ

    High School: Peddie School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Prospective Biology and Econ double major

    Email Meera

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    Why Wes? I chose Wes because I loved how there was a great balance between athletics and academics. I also love how I can form a really meaningful relationship with my professors and TAs due to the small class sizes. I enjoy being able to explore new academic interests with the open curriculum and I'm able to discover new hobbies through the countless extracurricular activities.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love being a tour guide because I get to meet and chat with new people!

    Extracurriculars: Varsity swim team, book club, Shakti, POC Swim Committee,

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Hanging out with my friends on Foss Hill and having a cute study picnic in the nice fall weather overlooking campus!

    Favorite Movie: Dirty Dancing

    Favorite Song: Who Says by Selena Gomez

    Fun Fact: I can speak 4 languages!

  • Melanie Cham '24

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Greenville, SC

    High School: Wade Hampton High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Molecular Biology, Italian, Medieval Studies

    Email Melanie

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    Why Wes? I actually didn’t know Wes existed until my senior year of high school despite frequently having visited Middletown. I chose Wesleyan because I wanted variety and a change in scenery. Wesleyan definitely delivered. I have met so many weird, awesome people and have had so many weird, awesome experiences. I can’t imagine myself anywhere else!!

    Why I love being a tour guide: I absolutely love Wes and I NEED everyone to love Wes as much as I do. Most importantly, I’m glad that I’m able to share Wesleyan’s resources helping considering or matriculating students. Wes has such a supportive community and I want to make that known so people can be comfortable here.

    Extracurriculars: Club Volleyball, WeScrive, Undergraduate Research in Cohan Lab.

    Favorite Movie: Grand Budapest Hotel

    Favorite Song: After the Storm (Kali Uchis)

    Fun Fact: I played the cello for 7 years and I'm tone deaf.

  • Myla Stovall '22

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: West Orange, NJ

    High School: The Pingry School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: English & Psychology double major, African American Studies minor

    Email Myla

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    Why Wes? I decided to come to Wesleyan because the community is so unique, friendly, and creative. I feel as though I am constantly learning new things from my peers, professors, and academics. The open curriculum was also a huge pull for me; I feel as though I wouldn't be able to double major and minor and maintain all of my extracurriculars if I didn't have the academic freedom that Wesleyan and the open curriculum gives its students!

    Why I love being a tour guide: I could go on and on about why I love being a tour guide! But, I would say my number one reason would be that I am constantly meeting new people from all walks of life when I give a tour. I really enjoy meeting and connecting with new people, so being able to hear where everyone is and what they're interested in while also sharing why I love Wesleyan is always fulfilling and exciting for me!

    Extracurriculars: In addition to being a tour guide, I work in the Admissions Office as a Senior Interviewer! I am also one of Wesleyan's field hockey team captains and serve as Vice President of the Student-Athlete of Color Leadership Council. I also work with University Communications as a Social Media Intern.

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Participating in the Student of Color Fashion Show during WesFest! I was only able to participate in it in person my freshman year due to the pandemic, but it was so fun to meet other Wesleyan students of color, wear a dress designed and handmade by a fellow student, and walk on a catwalk being cheered on by my friends, teammates, coaches, and prospective students! 10/10 would do it again!

    Favorite Movie: Minari, Coco

    Favorite Song (Currently): Surround Me by Léon

    Fun Fact: My name is an acronym!

  • Nathan Weisbrod '25

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Washington, DC

    High School: Edmund Burke School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Prospective American Studies major, enthusiastically undecided and exploring

    Email Nathan

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    Why Wes? I knew I wanted to have great personal connections with my professors, engaging classes, and lots of performance opportunities in college. Wes showed me just how profound those could all be, even in my first year. 

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love meeting people from around the world and sharing all the great things I've experienced so far!

    Extracurriculars: 4 student bands gigging all around campus, student theater, Farming Forum, going to sports games: Roll Cards!

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Questioning almost everything I thought I believed in my politics class. Or playing in a opening band for Sammy Rae & The Friends. Or watching a disgusting but fascinating movie as part of the Wes Film Series with friends. The list goes on.

    Favorite Movie: Mean Girls and The Big Short

    Favorite Song: "Jackie Onassis" by Sammy Rae & The Friends

    Fun Fact: I sing and play 7 instruments.

  • Nicole Allina '24

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Queens, NY

    High School: Dalton School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Molecular Biology & Biochemistry major, prospective Human Rights Minor, Pre-Med track

    Email Nicole

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    Why Wes? Wesleyan seemed like the place where I could grow into the person I wanted to be. The open curriculum and campus culture allows me to to pursue and explore what interests me. The student body is unbelievably passionate about so many things, so I’m so grateful to be a part of the Wesleyan community. 

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love telling visitors personal stories so they can better see what Wes is all about. I’ve also learned about so many of the resources available on campus!

    Extracurriculars: ASHA (Adolescent Sexual Health Awareness) Core Member, Wesleyan Reproductive Advocacy and Legislation Coordinator, WesBurlesque, Resident Advisor, LASO (Latin American Student Organization)

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Being cheered on by friends while performing at WesBurlesque

    Favorit Movie: Cinema Paradiso

    Favorite Song: Townie by Mitski

    Fun Fact: I ALWAYS give back hair ties.

  • Olivia Luppino '22

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Southington, CT

    High School: Miss Porter's

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: College of Social Studies, Writing Certificate

    Email Olivia

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    Why Wes? I picked Wes because every time I came to campus, it made me excited. I met so many students who were very enthusiastic about what they were doing and about Wesleyan.

    Why I love being a tour guide: As someone who was super stressed out about the college process, I'm excited to be a resource to families trying to find the school that is right for them. Plus, I love getting to brag about Wesleyan once a week on tours.

    Extracurriculars: Wesleyan Argus, Rho Ep, WesACLU

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Cooking dinner with my friends

    Favorite Movie: 13 Going On 30

    Favorite Song: Wide Open Spaces by The Chicks

    Fun Fact: When I was little, I sat front row at a Jonas Brothers concert and Kevin almost fell off the stage and onto my sister and me.

  • Ori Cantwell '22

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Washington, DC

    High School: Blyth-Templeton Academy

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Psychology major, Applied Data Science certificate, Religion minor

    Email Ori

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    Why Wes? Coming from DC, where everything is a competition all the time, I was told that I had to choose between colleges with academic rigor and colleges where students were actually happy. When I visited Wes, I realized that this was a false binary and that I could be in an academically challenging environment where my peers were still enjoying themselves and had healthy social-emotional lives. I applied Early Decision, knowing that I would thrive in Wes’s warm and supportive culture.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love meeting people from all over the world who are visiting Wes! It's great to build those small connections and get to know people over the course of a 75-minute tour.

    Extracurriculars: I’m on the board of the Wesleyan Jewish Community, which has been one of the places I’ve found a sense of home on campus. I’ve also worked in the Office of Admission since my first week at Wes! I’ve been an Overnight Hosting Coordinator, a friendly face at the front desk, a tour guide, and engaged prospective students in WesChats.

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): every Shabbat service with the WJC :)

    Favorite Movie: Booksmart (ft. Beanie Feldstein '15!)

    Favorite Song: anything Taylor Swift

    Fun Fact: Pre-pandemic, I did almost all of my homework in Exley's Pi Cafe!

  • Orly Meyer '24

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Portland, OR

    High School: Lincoln High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: College of Letters and Mathematics

    Email Orly

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    Why Wes? I chose Wes because of the tight knit and supportive community. Coming from a relatively large high school I wanted a close community in addition to smaller class sizes and institutional support. Even though Wesleyan is around twice the size of my high school, I feel much more connected to all aspects of the community.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love sharing my favorite parts about Wesleyan with people who are interested in it, especially when I share something that they haven't heard before.

    Extracurriculars: Wesleyan Student Assembly (student government), Wesleyan Jewish Community, and the Argus (newspaper)

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Walks around campus when it's quiet during the morning.

    Favorite Movie: Inception

    Favorite Song: Sofia by Clairo

    Fun Fact: I am studying Yiddish.

  • Patrick Lenard '23

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Trenton, NJ

    High School: Nottingham High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Economics and American Government

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    Why Wes? I chose Wesleyan because of its sense of community. As soon as I stepped foot on this campus, I knew that this was where I belonged. Everyone was so kind and friendly, and not one person was boastful about themselves. I also choose Wesleyan because the institution allows for a student to do multiple things inside one’s interest, while dipping their toe into different things as well. You will never feel the idea of being trapped within your academic interest, the University promotes and encourages individuals to learn more about subjects outside of their studies and that is something I love about Wesleyan.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love being a tour guide because during each tour I am able to not only show off how beautiful the University is, but I am able to express to my crowd what the University has to offer. During each tour when I get asked questions and begin to reminisce on all the things that I have done or have been through while I have been on campus it reminds me how flexible, inclusive and dynamic student to work-life balance is on campus.

    Extracurriculars: Club Basketball, First-Generation Low Income Advisory Board, Chi Psi Fraternity, and Christian Faith Group

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Silent disco in Olin during orientation week

    Favorite Movie: Us, and Spider-Man: Into the SpiderVerse

    Favorite Song: Telepatia by Kali Uchis & Slide by Calvin Harris

    Fun Fact: I can solve a Rubik's cube under 60 seconds

  • Philippe Bungabong '22

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Manila, Philippines

    High School: Philippine Science High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Economics and Applied Data Science

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    Why Wes? I chose Wesleyan for two major reasons: I wanted to go to a university where I would be able to explore as many disciplines as possible, and I wanted to be part of a community that thrives on collaboration, not competition. I attended a science high school in the Philippines and spent my secondary education mostly focusing on science, mathematics, and engineering and barely studying the social sciences, arts, and humanities. There are plenty of schools that enable you to explore a variety of fields, but at Wesleyan, everyone openly shares ideas and solutions with one another. I thought that Wesleyan would be the perfect fit for me. So far, I have been right.

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love meeting new people and sharing my love for Wesleyan!

    Extracurriculars: Senior Interviewer at the Office of Admission, Peer Career Advisor at the Gordon Career Center, Teaching Assistant in Economics and Physics, and Co-Captain of the Wesleyan Sailing Team.

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Being back on campus for Fall 2021 :)

    Favorite Movie: Argo (2012)

    Favorite Song: Falling Slowly

    Fun Fact: I still watch (and re-watch) American Idol
  • Rachel Townsend '22

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Somers, NY

    High School: Somers High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Government major, History minor

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    Why Wes? I chose Wes because I instantly felt at home. Whatever you need, there is a resource here. I am able to pair the most intense academics with competitive athletics, and I am constantly challenged and changing my perspective of the world. I love every minute on this special campus!

    Why I love being a tour guide: I love being a tour guide because it excites me to share how much I love Wes with prospective students! I have really missed in-person tours, and I can't wait to resume them this fall!

    Extracurriculars: Captain-Women's Varsity Swim Team; NSO Leader; SASN-Student-Athlete Support Network

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Playing outdoor volleyball on the court outside of Fauver with my friends this past spring. We made it a habit to play at least once a week!

    Favorite Movie: Anything Nicholas Sparks, I'm a sucker for sappy romance movies :)

    Favorite Song: Unwritten- Natasha Bedingfield

    Fun Fact: I lived in Copenhagen, Denmark for 5 years!
  • Sam Brumer '22

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Montville, NJ

    High School: Montville Township High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Government and College of Social Studies double major, Religion minor.

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    Why Wes? My high school gave students limited flexibility, offering just a handful of classes and clubs. I knew I wanted something different in college, so the broad range of opportunities at Wesleyan stood out to me. From social lives to academics, it was clear to me that Wesleyan allows students to explore whatever it is that interests them. The large number of options combined with Wesleyan’s small, close-knit community drew me to the school.

    Why I love being a tour guide: One of my favorite parts of being a tour guide is getting to meet new people. Whether it be prospective students or their families, it’s always a pleasure to chat between stops or after the tour. I also really value the role that tours can play in a student’s college hunt. As a high schooler, I was really lost when deciding between schools, so I hope to help students make the most informed decision they can.

    Extracurriculars: Tour Guide Coordinator, Wesleyan Mock Trial, Wesleyan Student Assembly (student government), Tutoring

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Seeing my friends for the first time after studying remote during the Fall of 2020

    Favorite Movie: Begin Again

    Favorite Song: Grace Kelly by MIKA

    Fun Fact: I once broke my finger while jumping into a pool. Don’t try to jump onto boogie boards! It won’t end well.
  • Shayla Zhen '23

    Pronouns: She/Her

    Hometown: Portland, OR

    High School: Benson Polytechnic High School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Neuroscience major, Chemistry minor

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    Why Wes? The first time I stepped foot on campus, I fell in love with Wesleyan. The students were so passionate and genuinely involved in the Middletown community. With the open curriculum, I am able to explore different fields/subjects that always find a way of connecting with my academic interests. At Wes, students are not confined to the idea of just taking courses that are specific to their major—they are encouraged to branch out and explore Wesleyan’s model for progressive independent housing allows me to grow as a person and learn how to live with a roommate, an apartment, and a wood frame house. Wesleyan gives me the space and opportunity to grow, learn more about myself, and prepare me for post-graduation.

    Why I love being a tour guide: My favorite part of being a tour guide is talking to the people in my tour group! As I walk prospective students and families on campus, I genuinely enjoy sharing my experiences because it may help them actually envision themselves at Wesleyan -- taking classes and engaging with their passions. I want to help prospective students truly figure out if Wesleyan is a good fit for them.

    Extracurriculars: Volleyball Club, Minority Association of Pre-Medical Students Wesleyan Chapter, & Rho Epsilon Pi (Wesleyan’s only sorority)

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Watching dance showcases outside of Exley

    Favorite Movie: House of Hummingbird (2018) Directed by Kim Bo-Ra

    Favorite Song: Saturday Night by Khalid

    Fun Fact: I love to collect all my boarding passes from my flights!
  • Teddy Shusterman '24

    Pronouns: They/Them/Any pronouns

    Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL / Stamford, CT

    High School: Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Prospective double major in Sociology and Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies

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    Why Wes? I chose Wes because of the people! Everyone I’ve met here is passionate about their interests and excited to learn and connect with others. The Wesleyan community is kind, ambitious, creative, and fun!

    Why I love being a tour guide: Before touring Wesleyan, I had considered taking a gap year, but after visiting, I couldn’t wait to start college! Being a tour guide is incredibly exciting because I can connect with prospective students and introduce them to such an incredible place- it lets me share my ever growing enthusiasm for the amazing opportunities, experiences, and community at Wesleyan!

    Extracurriculars: Farming at Long Lane Farm, house manager of Open House (Wesleyan’s Queer affinity program house), ice skating at Wesleyan’s ice rink, Wesleyan Democratic Socialists (WesDS), Asian American Student Collective

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): continuing class discussions with friends!

    Favorite Movie: the Harry Potter movie series

    Favorite Song: I can’t decide- but something by ABBA!

    Fun Fact: I almost didn’t take a tour at Wesleyan, but I’m extremely glad that I did!
  • Thomas Holley '22

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Cheshire, CT

    High School: Kent School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates: Government and Economics double major

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    Why Wes? I grew up 20 minutes from Wesleyan and was aware there was a highly regarded college in Middletown, but never considered going here as a kid. Obviously, something changed. I went to a small high school and that helped me realize the most important aspect of my college search was finding a school with a supportive, engaged, and interesting community. On my first visit to Wes, every student I spoke to was helpful and I encountered a variety of interests and backgrounds. I knew the people here would provide the community I wanted.

    Why I love being a tour guide: Getting to meet new people and share my experience at Wes with them.

    Extracurriculars: I am on the varsity baseball team, I play club ice hockey, I am a senior interviewer, and I am the student ambassador for the Movember Foundation, a non-profit which fights prostate and testicular cancer.

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Spring Fling my freshman year

    Favorite Movie: Miracle

    Favorite Song: When You Were Young by The Killers

    Fun Fact: My sister and I both broke our left collarbones in foreign countries; she did it in Ireland, and I did it in Canada.
  • Vincent Langan '24

    Pronouns: He/Him

    Hometown: Union, NJ

    High School: The Thacher School

    Major(s), Minors, Certificates:  English and Theater double major and considering a Writing Certificate

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    Why Wes? Learning that students at Wesleyan were simultaneously dedicated to their academic studies while also exploring their creative sides in profound, learned ways was mind-blowing for me. The deeper I got into the college admissions process, the more and more I could only envision myself being a student at Wesleyan. Also, I quickly sensed that the community at Wesleyan was unlike that of any other college (or liberal arts school for that matter), as students were outgoing, inspired, passionate about everything to which they dedicated themselves, and eager to share their love for learning and creating with each other.

    Why I love being a tour guide: Helping prospective students and their families understand why Wes might be the perfect match and why it's the coolest school in the world is a special responsibility but altogether an honor too. Also, being a tour guide helps me to get my steps in.

    Extracurriculars: Argus, Second Stage, African Student Association (ASA)

    Favorite Moment at Wes (so far): Anytime I'm outside and laughing with my friends (and Spring Fling was pretty great too).

    Favorite Movie: My Cousin Vinny or anything by Sofia Coppola

    Favorite Song: "Silver Springs" by Fleetwood Mac

    Fun Fact: I really like scones.