International Certification of Finances

If financial aid is NOT needed, students who are not US citizens or permanent residents must submit documentation verifying sufficient personal resources or outside scholarships to meet the expense of four years at Wesleyan at the time of application. We cannot process admission decisions for applicants who have not submitted the form. Please use the International Student Certification of Finances form.  You must be logged in with your WesCheck portal credentials to access this form.  Please note that any missing or inaccurate information submitted on the form will delay the processing of your application or result in offers of admission being rescinded.

Please note the following due dates for the International Certification of Finances form:

  • Early Decision 1: December 1
  • Early Decision 2: February 1
  • Regular Decision: February 15
  • Fall Transfer: April 1

You must complete the COF form (with WesCheck log in) and supporting materials via your WesCheck portal.

How to Fill Out the International Student Certification of Finances

  1. Please review and correct, if needed, the pre-populated application information (email address, First, Middle and Last Name, Birthdate, permanent address, alternate address if you have one, City of Birth and Citizenship.
  2. Please select a source of financial support from the drop down menu. You are able to select more than one funding source, as long as it equals the annual tuition amount (personal or family savings, parents, sponsors, or your Government). Please note that stocks, bonds and personal property accounts are not acceptable as proof of family savings. You will need to fill out the section(s) that apply to your specific case, according to the sources that will be providing the annual monetary support. Enter amounts in U.S. dollars. Once you have selected a funding source, enter the amount for each year. The total for each year will automatically calculate on the form based on the type(s) of support you enter.
  3. Please tell us if your government currently imposes restrictions on exchange and release for study in the U.S. .
  4. Please tell us if you will have a source of emergency funds once you arrive in the U.S..
  5. Please tell us how you will pay for transportation to the U.S..
  6. Please electronically sign the form.

The student’s expected amount of support per year required for Wesleyan is indicated below:

2024 - 2025: $89,700*
2025 - 2026: $92,800
2026 - 2027: $96,100
2027 - 2028: $99,500

Please be sure your total amounts add up to at least the expected amount per year noted above.  The form will calculate these totals for you. These amounts are estimates only; the actual cost of attendance is set each year by the Board of Trustees.

*Year 1 must be available liquid funds, meaning an asset that can be easily converted to cash in a short period of time (such as proof of salary, savings/checking statements or government/private sponsorship).


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I need to submit the Certification of Finances if I am an international student applying for financial aid (including applicants for the Freeman Scholarship)?
    No, if you are applying for financial aid you do not need to submit the International Certification of Finances at the time of application. You are required to file the CSS Profile form of the College Scholarship Service (CSS). If you are admitted to and enroll at Wesleyan, you may be asked to submit a Certification of Finances and supporting documentation for any costs not covered by your financial aid award.
  2. What’s an appropriate amount of money to have when I arrive at the institution (Section 13)?
    You can determine yourself what is the appropriate amount for personal expenses. A rough estimate will suffice; there is no exact "answer". Our financial aid office has calculated "Indirect costs" which includes books and other expenses a student may end up spending during the academic year. Of course, that is only an estimate and will vary depending on the student circumstance.
  3. When submitting the International Student Certification of Finance, do I submit it online by scanning it, or do I mail it in?
    You should complete the International Certification of Finances form after submitting your application and upload supporting documentation as a single PDF document on the form or to your WesCheck portal upon matriculation. If you encounter issues with uploading documents, please contact Janay Wynter at
  4. . Please do not send any documents via mail.
  5. Can I email someone if I have any questions about the COF?
    Please email the Office of Admission at with any questions regarding the Certification of Finances.