Homeschooled Applicants

Homeschooled students are welcome to submit applications via the Common Application or Apply Coalition, Powered by Scoir. Requirements such as counselor and teacher recommendations have been adapted to accommodate applicant’s specific situation.

In addition to completing the application, we ask that applicants include the following as part of the School Report:

  • Documentation to explain the student’s curriculum. This explanation should include what courses were taken each semester/academic year, any evaluations or grades given, and a list of completed reading and material covered in courses. This may be submitted by a parent or the person who oversees the curriculum. 
  • Official transcripts of any college or online courses taken. 

We require two academic letters of recommendation from adults who know the student in an academic or intellectual capacity. These two letters should NOT be completed by a parent, even if the parent serves in an instructional capacity.  

Please note that, given the unique circumstances of homeschooled students, a member of the Wesleyan admission staff may reach out to applicants with questions regarding  curriculum, activities, or other aspects of their applications. 

Wesleyan does not encourage nor require additional recommendations. However, if the student believes an additional letter may support their candidacy, they may submit a supplemental letter from:

  • An adult who has supervised the applicant in an internship or volunteer position 
  • A teacher or director of any non-academic endeavors such as art, dance, music, or theater 
  • An adult who has worked with the applicant as part of an athletic team, faith-based community, or through employment