QuestBridge Applicants

As a QuestBridge Scholar at Wesleyan, you’ll have access to a large network of mentors, and well over 100 peers on campus from across the country to share in your journey and support you as you pursue your goals.

Wesleyan has long been a leader in providing access to underrepresented students and diversifying our student body. Since partnering with QuestBridge in 2008, we’ve supported hundreds of Quest Scholars, typically enrolling 30 to 40 scholars each year, including no fewer than 10 scholars through the College Match. Quest scholars at Wesleyan come from small, rural towns across the country as well as major urban centers, and all have had their full demonstrated need met through comprehensive, need-based financial aid.

Whether enrolled through the College Match or through an Early or Regular Decision process, our QuestBridge scholars have helped to shape our academics, student life, extracurriculars, and innovative projects on campus, in the community, and around the world.

Visit the Wesleyan QuestBridge Chapter website to learn more about the QuestBridge community on campus.

“Community was a huge priority for me, coming from a big family, and as a first-generation student. QuestBridge has been my home on campus, and where I’ve made my best friends — that’s been incredibly important to me as a first-generation student.” 

“I’m also a researcher in the Economics department, a director in two different hip-hop dance groups, X-Tacy and Fusion, an intern with the Middlesex County Historical Society, and a senior interviewer with Admission.”   

 Kevonte Payton, 2022 
Government + History / Data Analysis