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    Adam Berinsky '92

    Major/Minor: Government

    Current Location: Cambridge, MA

    Occupation: I am the Mistsui Professor of Political Science at MIT. I have been here for 20 years. Before that I was an Assistant Professor of Politics at Princeton.

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: I worked at the Wesleyan Argus for three years, including a semester as editor in chief. I was also a member of Alpha Delta Phi. I was a tour guide and senior year served on the President's advisory committee. I also worked at a variety of work study jobs (library, food service, film society, ....) all four years.

    Why Wes? I wanted to get a broad liberal arts education at a small to mid-size school.

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    Kofi Ofori-Darko '20

    Major/Minor: Biology, Science in Society Program

    Current Location: New York, NY

    Occupation: Climate focused growth equity investing

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Club Tennis, African Students Association, Wesleyan Investment Group

    Why Wes? I chose Wes because I truly felt like I would be valued as a member of the community and not just another student, the relatively flexible curriculum that would allow me to pursue academic interests outside of my majors, and its strong reputation for pushing back on the status quo and developing diverse thoughts and ideas.

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    Max Owen-Dunow '15

    Major/Minor: Government, French Studies

    Occupation: Speechwriter and executive communications professional

    Wes Extracurriculars: Throw Culture (co-ed ultimate frisbee), Let's Get Ready (student-run SAT tutoring and college prep program for underserved local high school students), student theater, admissions office volunteering

    Why Wes? I could tell from the first moment I stepped on campus that Wes was a place where people were passionate about what they did, in and out of the classroom. That passion was inspiring and contagious!

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    Hannah Docter-Loeb '22

    Major/Minor: Biology, Psychology, Education Studies

    Current Location: Washington, DC

    Occupation: Journalist

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Wesleyan Argus, Wesleyan Jewish Community, Wesleyan Women in Science

    Why Wes? I wanted a small close-knit liberal arts community

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    Sarah Kang '18

    Major/Minor: Molecular Biology/ Biochemistry, Science in Society Program, College of East Asian Studies

    Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

    Occupation: PhD candidate in policy analysis, policy analyst at RAND Corporation

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Korean Student Association, TA for Introduction to Biology

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    Sonja English '20*

    Major/Minor: College of Letters, Medieval Studies

    Current Location: Washington DC

    Occupation: Management Consultant

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Debate, boxing, climbing

    Why Wes? I wanted the luxury of choice! Wesleyan gave me the freedom to explore a wide variety of areas without imposed limitations. I got to continue to be a generalist, an explorer, a reader and take on plural identities. In the process, I took on new interests and shed existing ones. I'm grateful to have had the opportunity to constantly evolve.

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    Glen Sato '81

    Major/Minor: College of Social Studies, Economics

    Current Location: Palo Alto, CA

    Occupation: Retired (3 yrs); Partner, Cooley LLP (Silicon Valley law firm); public company CFO and General Counsel; In House attorney

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Student Judiciary Board

    Why Wes? Individuals I met were diverse, independent and interesting.

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    Nalu Tripician '22

    Major/Minor: Computer Science, Film

    Current Location: Atlanta, GA

    Occupation: Software Engineer

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Wesleyan Sailing Team (Captain 2020-2022), Argus

    Why Wes? I chose Wes because it seemed like the only place where I could pursue my varied interests in many fields.

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    Timothy Porter '04

    Major/Minor: Economics, Government

    Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

    Occupation: Attorney (General Counsel at Good Worldwide)

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Varsity swimming, theater

    Why Wes? Active and diverse student body. Rigorous academics.

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    Darren Kapelus '87

    Major/Minor: English

    Current Location: New York City, NY

    Occupation: I spent almost 30 years working in the advertising industry, mostly on global accounts like Dove, GAP and Hellmann's at Ogilvy, New York. As a leader in the Account Management Group, my role was to a) work as a liaison between the agency and the client; and b) collaborate with the agency's strategy, creative, production and media teams to deliver outstanding, effective campaigns for our clients. For me, the most exciting part of the work was developing marketing strategies based on deep consumer insights. Oh, and I got to travel the world!

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Squash, Argus newspaper

    Why Wes? I chose Wes because, being a recent "transplant" from South Africa, I had a strong sense that the University would be a welcoming place. I knew that Wes embraced diversity and differences, versus rewarding uniformity. I was, of course, also attracted to the rigorous academic opportunities that Wesleyan would provide.

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    Samera Syeda Ludwig '94

    Major/Minor: College of Social Studies, Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies

    Current Location: Chicago, IL

    Occupation: Partner at law firm practicing labor and employment

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Teaching assistant, volunteered at soup kitchen

    Why Wes? Sister went to Wes class of 90. Wanted small class size and wanted to be in CSS major

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    Anthony Mohr '69

    Major/Minor: Government

    Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

    Occupation: Retired Superior Court judge (still sitting part-time), memoir Every Other Weekend--Coming of Age With Two Different Dads (Koehler) published in February 2023, Senior Editor, Harvard Advanced Leadership Initiative Social Impact Review.

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Wesleyan Argus, WESU

    Why Wes? Quality, course offerings, the zeitgeist

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    Carolyn Alvarez '11

    Major/Minor: Government, American Politics

    Current Location: New York City, NY

    Occupation: Business Immigration Attorney

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Ski Team, Habitat for Humanity, Alumni & Parent Relations

    Why Wes? It's cliche, but I visited during WesFest and I just immediately knew it was where I belonged. I had applied because it was a great school -- but there are many great schools, and only Wesleyan felt like home.

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    Pedro Dutra '23

    Major/Minor: Economics, Data Analysis

    Current Location: Connecticut

    Occupation: Presidential Fellow in Advancement Business Intelligence at Wesleyan University

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: In my time at Wesleyan, I took part in many intramural sports, such as basketball, soccer, and softball. I always made sure to go to various events around campus, such as football games, basketball games, dance performances, and other campus wide events.

    Why Wes? I chose Wesleyan when my stepdad, '92, convinced me to walk around campus on my way to Boston, where I was going to visit other colleges. Immediately after walking around through North College and hiking up Foss Hill, it became a no-brainer: this is where I wanted to be. A few months later, I applied Early Decision and the rest is history.

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    Sarah Tunik '92

    Major/Minor: English

    Current Location: CA

    Occupation: English teacher; college counselor for first-gen low-income students.

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Government

    Why Wes? Weird is good! Collaboration, beauty, every department is superior, so much music/art/dance/movies! Single rooms. Diverse students.

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    Vivianne Swerdlow '13

    Major/Minor: Sociology, English

    Current Location: IL

    Occupation: Therapist

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Queer life, music, political engagement, Jewish community, mental health peer support and advocacy

    Why Wes? Wes was the perfect size - not too small but not too big. I loved the vibe of the campus and the level of student engagement within and outside of classes.

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    Blaise Noto '74

    Major/Minor: Sociology

    Current Location: NY

    Occupation: Entertainment Marketing & PR

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: President, Class of 1974; DEKE Fraternity; Javanese Gamelan orchestra; Resident Advisor; semester abroad in London and the Sir John Cass School of Art; internship at the BBC in Audience Research; Stanford University Summer Film & Broadcatimg Imstitute.

    Why Wes? Open curriculum; diverse student body; opportunities to broaden my experiences, academics and forward thinking administration and professors.

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    Nikolas Ortega '19*

    Major/Minor: Latin American Studies, Economics, International Relations

    Current Location: San Francisco, CA

    Occupation: Digital Growth Strategy @ Google

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Patricelli Center Fellow, Investment Group, Catholic Student Organization

    Why Wes? I truly decided on Wesleyan after visiting during WesFest, the annual admitted student event. Although I was only there for a day, there was something distinct about Wesleyan. Despite being in the middle of preparations for finals and the end of the semester, faculty, staff, and most importantly the students I met that day proactively went out of their way to make me feel welcome.

    Aside from that in person gut feeling, I was drawn to the multidisciplinary academic paths students could pursue, the university’s history of activism, and the eclectic student body that is hard to describe in any other word.

    The Wesleyan community is quite extensive and you can find Wes alums changing the world or being leaders in their domains, all whilst pursuing their passions. I knew this would be a place that would make me challenge conventions, expose me to a plethora of new perspectives, and teach me how to think more critically—both inside and outside of the classroom.

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    Robert Seiler '82

    Major/Minor: Physics, Math/Computer Science

    Current Location: Somerville, MA

    Occupation: I was a software engineering and project manager mainly focusing on communications networks and videoconferencing.  In retirement, I volunteered with local middle and high school students in computer science and math. 

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Science Fiction Club and a bunch of informal activities such as pick-up games of ultimate

    Why Wes? It's a community where learning is valued. Students are given freedom to explore their interests. Students come from a variety of backgrounds and have a variety of interests. Professors want to teach, interact with students. And, things clicked when I visited campus.

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    James Fleming '81

    Major/Minor: Biology, Government

    Current Location: Wisconsin

    Occupation: Communications Director - City Government

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Freshman crew, College radio station

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    Janine Mileaf '89

    Major/Minor: College of Letters, Studio Arts

    Current Location: Chicago, IL

    Occupation: Museum Director and Curator 


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    Jessica Aronoff '93

    Major/Minor: English

    Current Location: Santa Monica, CA

    Occupation: Nonprofit CEO (Children's Museum)

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Volunteer tutor for local kids, (briefly) women's rugby, and a lot of hanging out with friends.

    Why Wes? Wes immediately felt like home for me. It was big enough to have endless opportunity, but small enough to feel intimate and friendly. I was attracted to the open curriculum and the welcoming access to professors and administration.

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    Caitlin Priest '97

    Major/Minor: Psychology

    Current Location: Indianapolis, IN

    Occupation: I'm Associate Vice President of Government Relations for a nonprofit multi-state Medicaid health plan. I've done a lot of work in Medicaid and Affordable Care Act advocacy - particularly in red states.

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Sexual assault crisis counselor

    Why Wes? I loved the culture of social justice and activism as well as the intellectual curiosity and passion of the student body.

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    Maggie Eames '23

    Major/Minor: American Studies, Government

    Current Location: Washington, DC

    Occupation: Federal Advisory Associate (public sector consulting)

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Arcadia Political Review, Government Research, Dance, Orientation Leader

    Why Wes? I chose Wesleyan because of the open curriculum, small classes, and I felt very comfortable on campus when I first visited.

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    Paul Colburn '79

    Major/Minor: Sociology

    Current Location: Connecticut

    Occupation: Retired and giving back -- I had a long and rewarding career in Enterprise technology sales. I was fortunate to experience and ride the wave of several evolutionary leaps in technology. I'm happy to answer any questions folks considering a similar path may have.

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: intramural sports, acting, work/study

    Why Wes? I was attracted to the diversity of thought, rigorous academics, range of studies, opportunities for independent work, and high academic standards. I was a first generation college student and very appreciative of Wesleyan's commitment to that group. I was also a late bloomer and thrilled that Wesleyan saw my potential and offered me the opportunity to realize it.

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    Ari Wolfe '03

    Major/Minor: Religion, Music

    Current Location: Minneapolis, MN

    Occupation: Client Strategy at The Trade Desk (adtech company)

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Indoor/Outdoor Track & Field; Wesleyan Spirits a cappella group

    Why Wes? Chose Wesleyan for the people, the culture, the campus, the track team, and the opportunities

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    Michelle Katz '09

    Major/Minor: Sociology, Jewish Studies

    Current Location: Philadelphia, PA

    Occupation: Rabbinical Student; Former Nonprofit Director of Membership and Conference Content

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Fusion (Dance Crew); Peer Health Advocates (WesWell); Havurah/Jewish Community; Alpha Delta Phi Society

    Why Wes? The people! Students, the faculty, and the staff alike are all wonderful, insightful, and really excellent at building a really special learning community.

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    Terry McClenahan '85

    Major/Minor: Studio Art, Photography

    Current Location: Buffalo, NY

    Occupation: I love what I do. I’m an architect working within a development company near Buffalo. I write technical specifications, do CAD/ Computer Aided Drafting on plans & details, answer contractor questions and review shop drawings (product submittals). Currently, our main project is a delivery warehouse under construction in Westchester County, NY for a Fortune 100 company (that I can’t identify…).

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Men's Lightweight Crew, Wesleyan Argus (newspaper), Human Rights House

    Why Wes? I wanted to go to a small liberal arts school on the East Coast that had an excellent photography program as well as a rowing team. (I rowed all 4 years.) Also I loved that Wes is culturally, politically and economically diverse, and was not too far from Manhattan, where I grew up. And our son is currently a junior majoring in Computer Science and Government.

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    Stella Ginsberg '21

    Major/Minor: Film Studies

    Current Location: Santa Monica, CA

    Occupation: Film Department, United Talent Agency

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Club Tennis, Wesleyan Argus, Active participant in the film major/film theses

    Why Wes? To describe my attraction to Wesleyan in one fell swoop would be next to impossible. Beyond the culture of passion that was undeniable, I was enamored with the idea of studying film while simultaneously being able to engage in a variety of other disciplines. Wesleyan is a rara avis when it comes to liberal arts schools with a lasting camaraderie, and there’s a reason why (or maybe a few reasons).

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    Zoe Genden '23

    Major/Minor: Government, Psychology

    Current Location: London, England

    Occupation: Asset Management Risk Associate

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Arcadia Political Review, Study Abroad, Research Assistant, Consulting Pathways, Wesleyan Investment Group, Wesleyan Women's Crew (coxswain)

    Why Wes? The intellectual campus culture, its dedication to the undergraduate experience, and its impressive alumni!

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    Kate Nattrass '03

    Major/Minor: College of Social Studies

    Current Location: Washington, DC

    Occupation: Chief of Staff at the Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI), USAID

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Women's crew, Student Judicial Board, Residential Life (RA, Head Resident for Program Housing)

    Why Wes? It felt like home the minute I stepped on campus.

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    Susanna Zwerling '85

    Major/Minor: History

    Current Location: Brooklyn, NY

    Occupation: Senior Vice President Legal NBCUniversal Direct-to-Consumer (Digital)

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Wesleyan Student Assembly, Argus

    Why Wes? Excellent humanities and social sciences, flexible curriculum, socially progressive

  • Dr. Sidra Smith '92

    Major/Minor: English

    Current Location: Virginia

    Occupation: Administrator /faculty in independent schools; adjunct professor; executive coach

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Ujamaa, Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellowship, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

    Why Wes? I chose Wes because I saw lots of evidence of intellectual curiosity and social justice. I could imagine myself thriving there.

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    Joan Goldfeder '77

    Major/Minor: English

    Current Location: Santa Monica, CA

    Occupation: Consulting - Marketing

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Intermural coed softball. Studied abroad one semester in Paris on the Wesleyan program.

    Why Wes? Looking for a good, small, liberal arts university that wasn't in a big city. Attracted to Wesleyan's non-conservative attitude and reputation. Liked the idea of independent, creative thinkers.

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    Dr. Jeffrey Green '80

    Major/Minor: Neuroscience and Behavior

    Current Location: Milwaukee, WI

    Occupation: Musician/Composer/Conductor/Singer, I am also an emergency physician.

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Music

    Why Wes? Open curriculum and great music department

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    Dr. Eric Altneu '07

    Major/Minor: Biology

    Current Location: Bryn Mawr, PA

    Occupation: Infectious Diseases Physician

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Varsity Swimming & Diving, RA, Senior Interviewer

    Why Wes? Amazing liberal arts education that also had a strong science program. Ability to balance school and varsity sports.

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    Laura Dine Million '96

    Major/Minor: American Studies

    Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

    Occupation: Journalist, Producer, Writer

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Editor of the Wesleyan Argus

    Why Wes? Intellectual curiosity, progressive thinking, motivated, high academic standards. Beautiful campus. Small-ish school.

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    Noah Schlessinger '23

    Major/Minor: Physics/Astronomy

    Current Location: Madison, WI

    Occupation: Client Systems Administrator at Epic

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Dean's Peer Tutoring Program, Physics Course Assistant Program, Intramural Soccer, Basketball, and Softball

    Why Wes? The reasons are virtually endless in scope and number-the academic and social cultures at Wesleyan attracted me in their remarkable exuberance and spirit, as I absolutely loved the people and opportunities presented to me. I could major in STEM while deeply furthering my education in the humanities and Music, in which I was even more passionate. To put it simply, I could do what I wanted and become the best, most unique possible version of myself!

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    Christa Ishimwe '23*

    Major/Minor: Mathematics/College of Letters

    Current Location: Middletown, CT/Bujumbura, Burundi

    Occupation: Master Student

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    Karina Eileraas Karakus '93

    Major/Minor: Feminist, Gender & Sexuality Studies/Government

    Current Location: Houston, TX

    Occupation: Education - College/Univ. Teacher/Prof.

    Why Wes? Intellectual passion, creativity, intensity, political activism, and flexibility of mapping out course pathways

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    Allison Lamson '09

    Major/Minor: Psychology

    Current Location: Philadelphia, PA

    Occupation: Insurance Broker

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Varsity Volleyball, Club Water Polo, Burlesque, Psychology Labs

    Why Wes? The vibe and sentiment of the people I met when touring: I felt like everyone there was really passionate about whatever they were doing and I wanted to be a part of that community!

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    Abby Nicholson '23

    Major/Minor: English/Government

    Current Location: Brooklyn, NY

    Occupation: Legal Assistant

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Vicious Circles Ultimate Frisbee; Wesleyan Reproductive Advocacy & Legislation

    Why Wes? I chose Wes because I was looking for a place that was lively, tight-knit, and engaging both socially and academically. I was also looking for a liberal arts education that would allow me to deeply explore and make connections between my various interests.

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    Aldrean Alogon '23*

    Major/Minor: Astronomy/Economics

    Current Location: Capiz, Philippines

    Occupation: Change Management Analyst

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Map the System, PCSE Seed Grant project, Actor for two plays, Korean Dance Crew, Burlesque, PINOY

    Why Wes? The people are the coolest, smartest, and kindest!

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    Kelly Fenton-Samuels '23

    Major/Minor: Earth & Environmental Science/Chemistry

    Current Location: Middletown, CT

    Occupation: BA/MA Candidate in Earth & Environmental Sciences at Wesleyan

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Founder of WesEdge (Wesleyan's club figure skating team), member of Outing Club and the Free Radicals, TA for Advanced Inorganic Chemistry and Honors General Chemistry II, Dean's Program Peer Tutor, member of Phi Beta Kappa

    Why Wes? I chose Wesleyan for the opportunity to pursue science whilst gaining a broader liberal arts education, as well as for the BA/MA program.

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    Debra Neuman '76

    Major/Minor: Film Studies/English

    Current Location: Mystic, CT

    Occupation: Non-Profit - Program Development Staff

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Film, also was on work study so held jobs all four years

    Why Wes? Flexible majors, no GERs, reputation for innovation, loved the branding

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    Sophie Ross '23

    Major/Minor: Biology/Economics

    Current Location: Cambridge, MA

    Occupation: Research Technician studying Alzheimer's disease

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Academic Peer Advisor, Dean's Tutoring Program, WesRugby, Wesleyan Science Outreach

    Why Wes? By the end of high school, I felt confident that I wanted to pursue both a social science and a hard science as my major in college and the open curriculum allowed me to do that, as well as take classes on various other subjects.

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    Brad Karsh '87

    Major/Minor: History

    Current Location: Chicago, IL

    Occupation: Founder/CEO JB Training Solutions.

    Why Wes? As a relatively sheltered Midwestern kid, I wanted to move to a new part of the country and meet a broad selection of students

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    Aidan Jones '23

    Major/Minor: Molecular Biology and BioChem/College of Integrative Sciences

    Current Location: N. Plainfield, NJ

    Occupation: Columbia University PhD Graduate Student

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: ALS Researcher, President of Space and Astronomy Club, MB&B Major Groove Officer, Prometheus Fire Spinner, K-pop dancer (KDC), Wesleyan Student Assembly Senator, Neuroscience Basal Gang Officer, Science Library Worker, Tutor

    Why Wes? I chose Wesleyan because of the academic freedom they offer. Coming into college, my main academic interests were STEM-focused, but I had always been curious about other fields! Wesleyan allowed me to let my curiosity run wild. While at Wesleyan, I found the faculty and students here to be genuinely passionate and supportive. I appreciated and felt accepted by the collaborative and welcoming Wesleyan environment.

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    Megan Harrington '07

    Major/Minor: Art History

    Current Location: Cambridge, NY

    Occupation: Freelance writer and social media manager

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Varsity Cross-Country and Track & Field, Wesleyan Democrats, Staff Writer for the Argus

    Why Wes? I was looking for a school with a diverse student body, a place that would be different from my homogenous high school and hometown. As a first generation college student and daughter to a single mom, I was also seeking a school that prioritized need-based financial aid.

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    Caroline Shadle '16

    Major/Minor: American Studies/English

    Current Location: Chicago, IL

    Occupation: PhD student at Northwestern University studying 20th-century Chicago dance history and writing a dissertation on 1930s Chicago dance funded by the WPA's Federal Theatre Project.

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: I was very active in Wesleyan's student-run dance community. I directed Precision Dance Ensemble and was a member of Terpsichore and Collective Motion. I also was a tour guide through the admissions office, served on the American Studies Majors Committee, and co-ran the Unitarian Universalist Campus Ministry.

    Why Wes? I chose Wesleyan because of the open curriculum, the opportunity to continue dance training in tandem with my other academic interests, and the highly engaged student body.

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    Juan Carlos Perez '92

    Major/Minor: College of Letters

    Current Location: Altadena, CA

    Occupation: Director of Marketing

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Crew, intramural soccer, climbing club, literary magazine, zazen teaching assistant.

    Why Wes? I wanted a rigorous liberal arts education. Wesleyan became my first choice after my campus visit, when I had the opportunity to sit in on a few classes. I was impressed, not just with the professors, but with the students as well. Wesleyan offered everything I was looking for academically and I also just loved the campus and the energy of the students.

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    James Rosenblatt '90

    Major/Minor: Economics

    Current Location: San Antonio, TX

    Occupation: Law - Practicing Attorneys

  • $imgAlt

    Julian Silver '12

    Major/Minor: Psychology/Film

    Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

    Occupation: Screenwriter/Actor


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    Derrick Lin '92

    Major/Minor: Molecular Biology and BioChem

    Current Location: Lexington, MA

    Occupation: Health Prof. - Head and Neck Surgeon, Medical Reseach, Medical School Teaching

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Varsity tennis

    Why Wes? For its diversity and broad educational opportunities.

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    Yihan Lin '21*

    Major/Minor: Anthropology, Philosophy

    Current Location: Greater DC Area (DMV)

    Occupation: Start-up company, Restaurant SaaS

    Why Wes? Small class size, political culture, student body

  • Carol Sherwin '91

    Major/Minor: Chemistry, Government

    Current Location: Northeast and Southern Florida

    Occupation: Private sector consulting

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Lab research, greek life, volunteering

    Why Wes? Ability to do undergraduate research while still able to take art and french classes outside my major.

  • Maurice Willoughby '88

    Major/Minor: Government

    Current Location: New Jersey

    Occupation: Non Profit Executive

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Ujamaa, Career Placement Center

    Why Wes? Excellent academics coupled with a curious and diverse study body.

  • Michelle Gagnon '93

    Major/Minor: College of Letters

    Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

    Occupation: Communications - Creative Writer - Not Journalist

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Dance company

    Why Wes? Liberal ethos, open curriculum, close relationships with professors, small class sizes

  • Raymond Fusci '73

    Major/Minor: Mathematics

    Current Location: New Hampshire

    Occupation: Sales/Mktg. - Manager/Executive


  • Beth Connors '06

    Major/Minor: Psychology

    Current Location: NY

    Occupation: Attorney

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Varsity Softball, Onomatopoeia a cappella, Ebony singers

    Why Wes? Academic reputation and curious, engaged, well-rounded students who all seemed to love being there

  • Alex Sarkowsky '14

    Major/Minor: Anthropology, Jewish & Israel Studies

    Current Location: Los Angeles, CA

    Occupation: Head of Product at a Startup

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Softball, SAAC, Orientation Leaders, Sound Tech

  • Robert Wrubel '88

    Major/Minor: Religion

    Current Location: Colorado

    Occupation: Banking/Fin. - Investment Advisor

    Wes Extracurricular Activities: Karate

  • Melissa Miller '07

    Major/Minor: History

    Current Location: NY

    Occupation: Education - College/Univ. Administrator

    Why Wes? The flexibility of the curriculum, the energy and welcoming nature of the people on campus, and the array of extracurricular activities.