Writing An Interview Report

Before writing your report, jot down a few notes about your conversation. Don't feel obliged to record every part of your conversation in the report. Your interview report will not reflect each of the characteristics listed below. Focus your writing on the qualities of the student that stood out during your conversation. You want your report to be as balanced, fair, and thorough as possible. 

Caliber of Academic Work

  • What can you learn about the depth and breadth of the academic program at this student’s school? What kind of courses has this student chosen? Were the courses honors or AP courses and why?
  • What academic subjects interest this candidate? Does the student describe their coursework as easy, difficult, or challenging?
  • How does this person describe classmates and friends? Do their peers share a seriousness about academics or is the student one of few who works hard at school? 

Intellectual Motivation and Potential

  • Do they seem excited about academic work? Does the student do extra work because of their own interest?
  • Although it is difficult to estimate, do you think this person has potential for growth?
  • Is this person likely to touch only the surface of ideas or are they likely to explore them in greater depth?

 Interests Outside The Classroom

  • Extracurricular activities may merely indicate broad interest, but they may also indicate an ability to lead or to create. Our concern is with the quality of extracurricular activities not quantity.
  • Is this person creative in art, music, drama, writing, human relations, science?
  • Does the student pursue interest(s) with enthusiasm/energy/dedication? Is there a willingness to sacrifice other things in pursuit of special interest(s)? What is gained through their involvement(s)? 

Personal Qualities

  • Would this student be a leader or a follower, a stimulating addition to a group or a loner? Is this person competitive or cooperative?
  • What has this applicant done thus far with the opportunities afforded them?
  • What was the applicant’s presence in the interview? Did the student demonstrate maturity, shyness, enthusiasm, arrogance, a quick wit, seriousness, etc.? 

Noteworthy Experiences

  • Any experiences which may have been of significance: living abroad, association with a professional group (in science or the theatre, for example), or other important circumstances that may provide context to a student’s application

 Qualifier: Was this student very nervous during the interview? Do you believe you have a fair basis for assessing the candidate’s potential?