Thank you for agreeing to represent Wesleyan at a college fair near you. With your help, we are able to extend our resources to reach many talented students. You will receive a copy of the college fair tip sheet along with a packet of materials for the fair from Karen.

1. Prior to Fair

  • Familiarize yourself with updated information using the materials sent to you and visiting our main Admission page.
  • Review academic, student life, application and financial aid information in preparation of questions regarding these pieces of life at Wesleyan.
  • Review the most recent Class Profile to learn more about our latest admitted class.

2. During the Fair

  • The attire at fairs is business casual.
  • Arrive at least thirty minutes early in order to set up your table. You will have received a table banner from our office, as well as plenty of materials to distribute at the fair.
  • Greet each student or parent, and explain that you are an alumni representative of Wesleyan. Ask them if they have any questions—some students will want very general information and others will have specific questions.
    • Answer questions based on your own experiences at Wesleyan and from what the information we sent as well as what you have read
  • Refer students back to the Office of Admission if you do not know an answer to a question. Do not be afraid to say that you do not know the answer! No information is better than bad information, and the admission staff can always answer their questions later.  For your convenience, a handful of the regional deans' business cards will be included in the materials sent to you.
  • Ask students to fill out an inquiry card to become a part of our mailing list and so that we have a record of their attendance at the fair.

3. After the Fair

  • Return the table banner and inquiry cards to:
               Karen O’Leary
               Office of Admission
               70 Wyllys Avenue
               Middletown, CT 06459
  • Fill out the evaluation form through your portal. Your evaluation will help us decide if it is worth attending the fair again.