What We Want to Know

For each candidate, please focus on the qualities in each student which are unusual, special, and/or interesting. Though each interview report may not reflect each of the characteristics listed below, you may wish to gain a sense of each of these characteristics as you interview the student so that your report is balanced, fair, and thorough.

Intellectual Motivation

  • What academic subjects interest this candidate?
  • What type of reading appeals to this person?
  • Does he/she do extra work because of his/her own interest?
  • Does he/she have any notion of particular subjects he/she would like to study in college?
  • Does he/she seem excited about academic work?

Intellectual Potential

  • Although it is difficult to estimate, do you think this person has potential for growth?
  • Is this person likely to touch only the surface of ideas or is he/she likely to explore them in greater depth?


  • Would this person be a leader or a follower, a stimulating addition to a group or a loner?
  • Is this person competitive or cooperative?
  • Is this person creative in art, music, drama, writing, human relations, science?
  • What has this applicant done thus far with the opportunities afforded him/her?

Caliber of Academic Work

  • What kind of courses has this student chosen? Were the courses honors or AP courses and why?
  • Does the student describe his/her coursework as easy, difficult, challenging?
  • Has this applicant written a major research paper? Is writing expected regularly in current classes? What kinds of assignments does the applicant like best and do best at?
  • How does this person describe classmates and friends? Do they share a seriousness about academics or is this student one of few who works hard at school?
  • What can you learn about the depth and breadth of the academic program at this student’s school?

Interests Outside the Classroom

  • Extracurricular activities may merely indicate broad interest, but they may also indicate an ability to lead or to create. Our concern is with the quality of extracurricular activities not quantity.
  • Does the student pursue interest(s) with enthusiasm/energy/dedication? Is there a willingness to sacrifice other things in pursuit of special interest(s)? What is gained through his/her involvement(s)?


  • What can be said about the candidate’s personality that will make him/her come alive for the Admission Committee?
  • How did the applicant handle himself during the interview?
  • Did the student demonstrate maturity, shyness, enthusiasm, arrogance, a quick wit, seriousness, etc?

Unusual Experiences

  • Any experiences which may have been of significant value such as living abroad, association with a professional group (in science or the theatre, for example), or a challenging, difficult family situation.

Family Background

  • Any pertinent information which would shed light on the candidates personality or character and round out the “total” picture.
  • Have any others in this family attended and or graduated from college?


  • Was this student very nervous during the interview? Do you believe you have a fair basis for assessing the candidates potential.

Important Dates for 2017-2018

Early Decision 1: interviews must be initiated by November 13, 2017 and posted online by November 20, 2017
Early Decision 2: interviews must be initiated by December 11, 2017 and posted online by January 8, 2018
Regular Decision: interviews must be initiated by December 11, 2017 and posted online by January 29, 2018
Spring Transfer: interviews must be initiated by November 2, 2017 and posted online by November 16, 2017
Fall Transfer: interviews must be initiated by March 15, 2018 and posted online by April 1, 2018