Photo of Caroline

Caroline Pitton '22

Prospective Biology and French Major

Admission Intern 
Onomatopoeia A Capella
Wesleyan Women in STEM
Second Stage

Seattle, WA

Holy Names Academy

I’ve always lived in major cities, so I knew that the transition to Wesleyan and Middletown would be a big change. Instead of seeing my larger community as a collection of anonymous faces like I was used to, I began recognizing most people who passed me on campus. Going to a small university made my move across the country feel a lot more manageable, because I quickly felt supported by my community. I joined an acapella group, where I met women who had been through their own freshman experiences and could give me advice on what classes to take, where to eat on Main Street, and just on Wesleyan in general. Only one semester into college, I feel so grateful for the people at Wesleyan and I’m so glad I pushed myself to move away from my familiar environment.

In high school, none of my academic or extracurricular interests seemed to neatly line up into one major, so I was looking for a liberal arts college that would let me explore multiple disciplines without sacrificing experiences like Study Abroad. When I visited Wesleyan, I was struck by how the students had such diverse interests and how they could juggle multiple majors and still have time for hobbies and student groups. Ultimately, when deciding which liberal arts college to attend, it came down to my gut feeling. Going to Wesleyan would push me out of my comfort zone but I still felt like it was the place where I belonged.

In the Long Run by The Staves

Ocean's 8

I had a British accent as a child.