Photo of Hasanti

Hasanti Kelly '22

Prospective Studio Arts and Sociology Double Major

Admissions Intern
Member of The Ankh
Member of Ujamaa
Member of Invisible Men

Brooklyn, NY

Brooklyn Friends School

I grew up in the city that never sleeps and I quickly became accustomed to what New York City’s nickname truly meant. In highschool I took on several leadership positions from being the leader of the Black Affinity Group, Co-leader of the Fashion Club, begin a School Ambassador, and more. Doing all that work in high school brought me to realize that I could create an intersection between art and social justice; here at Wes I’ve found a community of students of color whose work mixes social justice with the world of art in their publication of the Ankh. I’ve found time to work on personal photography projects and I hope to use the resources Wesleyan has to offer to help make my clothing line an actuality.

I fell in love with Wes from the very first time I visited; the nature of students being able to talk with any one from freshman to senior alike was a part of the campus’s culture that I just wasn’t able to find at other institutions of the same caliber. The niche classes and the ability to participate in an open curriculum immediately peaked my interest in this school; the presence of students of color and commitment to social justice from not only the students, but faculty and the institution itself were driving factors in me ultimately deciding to early decision to Wesleyan. I wouldn’t choose any other school over Wesleyan.

Currently, Hope by Blood Orange

Currently, Phantom Boy

I'm double jointed in my shoulders and right thumb.