Headshot of Julia

Julia Nacario '22

Potential Film and Psychology Double Major

Admission Intern 
Secretary of Cardinal Pictures
Crime and Media Lab Assistant
House Manager at the Film Series

San Francisco, CA

Mercy High School SF

Growing up in an immigrant household, I knew at a young age the importance of investing myself into my studies. In high school, I kept busy by taking a plethora of AP classes, participating in several sports, and throwing myself into music. I started the college process early, and from hours of dedicated essay writing and consulting counselors, I earned a spot here at Wesleyan! In my freshman year, I was able to interrogate the cultural frameworks that inform contemporary narratives with my fellow peers at 200 Church, a program house that prioritizes community based living through social justice. Since then, I’ve been able to become an Executive Producer and Secretary in Cardinal Pictures, a lab assistant in the Crime and Media Lab, and am currently working on my second year coordinating WesFest as an Admissions Intern!

Prior to my sophomore year in high school, both my family and I expected to stay on the West Coast for college. It wasn’t until I met a Wes alum that I decided to research the university, and subsequently found myself absolutely in love with Wesleyan. I found Wes students to be driven, passionate, and genuinely invested in what they were learning. All in all, Wesleyan felt nothing short of home to me, and coming here has been the best thing to happen to me.

Wait For The Moment by Vulfpeck

Blindspotting (2018)

I'm a certified scuba diver and can play 5 instruments!