Rachel Headshot

Rachel Klein '20

Anthropology with a Writing Certificate

Admission Intern 
Compass Spirit Chair of Rho Epsilon Pi
Stage Manager at Second Stage
Member of the Wesleyan Jewish Community
Member of Habitat for Humanity

Great Neck, NY

John L. Miller Great Neck North High School

I first discovered my love for community and speaking when I was accepted into my high school’s Community School, an alternative, conversation-based learning program. I continued to enhance my life with these two passions by coming to Wesleyan where I am part of many tight-knit communities and am encouraged to speak my mind. I decided to be an anthropology major when I realized that I could use my voice and study communities to help others, ultimately igniting the two aspects of life that I love most. Outside of the classroom, I get things done in the Office of Admission and Rho Epsilon Pi, Wesleyan’s only sorority. I also continue my involvement in theater through Wesleyan’s student-run theater organization.

When I was first looking at colleges, Wesleyan was totally not on my radar. Probably like you, I was looking for a small, liberal arts college, preferably in the northeast. Maybe like you, my family forced me onto multiple college road trips where I visited so many schools that they all seemed to blur together. Wes was different for me because of the people. When I visited, I saw a place where I could fit in and people with whom I could be friends.

La Vie en Rose (cover by Daniela Andrade)

Brooklyn, Shakespeare in Love, Call Me By Your Name, among others

I can wiggle my right ear.