Sharit headshot

Sharit Cardenas Lopez '19

Anthropology and Science in Society

Admission Intern 
Member of Ajua Campos
Head Resident of Senior Housing and Program Housing

Oakland, CA

Envision Academy of Art and Technology

I graduated from a small public charter high school called Envision Academy. My transition to Wesleyan was rough, as it's expected for most freshman. I was home sick, the cultural shock was huge, and I was confused about my identity. However, I was able to surround myself with loving and caring individuals and communities that helped me deal with all the challenges and deriving emotions. Now as a Senior, I continue to be surrounded by caring individuals, but have also been able to create loving and caring communities through my leadership community. I am currently the Head Resident of Senior housing and Program Housing and an Admission Intern. As a result of the powerful people who have been in my life and my leadership experience I am no longer afraid to speak my mind and have attempted to create a more welcoming community for the students that come after me.

I was introduced to Wesleyan through Student Rising Above, a four year scholarship for low-income, unrepresented students. As I was completing the application to Wesleyan's Transportation Assistance Program, it never crossed my mind that I would leave warm California to go to a school across the country. That quickly changed after stepping on to Wesleyan's campus. I instantly felt normal. By the end of my visit to Wesleyan I was in love with the campus' atmosphere, mostly created by the students. I knew I loved Wesleyan, but I was still unsure of my readiness to leave home, especially to move across the country. Soon I realized that my fascination for Wesleyan derived from the new adventures, challenges, and opportunities Wesleyan would present to me. Moreover, Wesleyan had an attribution, that I had been looking for since I started the college search, a strong presence of people of color and social justice. After being at Wesleyan for three years I can confidently say I made the right choice by choosing Wesleyan, even though the start was rough.

Honey by Kehlani

I don't have a favorite, but I LOVE Grey's Anatomy!

I know three languages: Spanish, English and American Sign Language.