Hemispheric Americas Courses, Fall 2016


AMST 225 Latinidad: Introduction to Latina/o Studies, Laura Grappo

AMST 284 Early North America to 1763, Jeffers Lennox

AMST 307 Indigenous Politics, J. Kēhaulani Kauanui

ECON 361 Development and Labor in Latin American Economies, Melanie Khamis

HIST 259 Homelands and First Nations: Native Worlds in North America, Jeffers


LAST 252 Race and Nation in Latin America, Diana Schwartz

LAST 254 Tales of Resistance: Modernity and the Latin American Short Story, Robert


LAST 280 Screening Youth in Contemporary Latin American Cinema, Maria Ospina

LAST 283 Literature and Culture of Peru, STAFF

LAST 302 Latin American Politics, James W. McGuire


Transnational American Studies Courses, Fall 2016


AMST 231 Asian American History, Long Thanh Bui

AMST 264 Introduction to Asian American Literature, Marguerite Nguyen

AMST 304 Techno-Orientalism, Long Thanh Bui

AMST 340 Asian American Gender and Sexuality, Long Thanh Bui


Hemispheric Americas Courses, Spring 2017


AMST 247 Caribbean Writers in the U.S. Diaspora, Indira Karamcheti

ANTH 310 Ethnographic Encounters, Nancy Worthington

AMST 372 North of America: Creating Canada in the 19th Century, Jeffers Lennox

FGSS 204 Latina Historical Narratives, Elizabeth Garcia

HIST 238 Liberty and Loyalism: Reconfiguring North America in the Age of Revolution,

            1774-1848, Jeffers Lennox

LAST 219 Latin American Economic Development, Melanie Khamis

LAST 226 Spanish American Literature and Civilization, Maria Ospina

LAST 245 Survey of Latin American History, STAFF

LAST 271 Political Economy of Developing Countries, James McGuire

LAST 278 Dangerous Plots: Fictions of the Latin American Jungle, Maria Ospina


Transnational American Studies Courses, Spring 2017


AMST 220 Asian Americans and Popular Culture, Long Thanh Bui          

AMST 313 After Orientalism: Asian-American Literature and Theory after 2000, Amy


AMST 336 Comparative Asian and Latina/o Immigrant Experiences, Long Thanh Bui