Hemispheric/Transnational Fall 2020
AMST 273, Diasporic South Asian Writing


Hemispheric/Transnational Spring 2021
AMST 363, Kill Anything That Moves: The Vietnam War in Literature and Film


Hemispheric/Transnational Fall 2021

AMST 213, African American History 1444-1877

AMST 253, American Modernisms 1900-1945

AMST 264A, Introduction to Asian American Literature

AMST 295, Kill Anything That Moves:  the Vietnam War in Literature and Film

AMST 302, Lyric Poetry and Music:  the Color and Politics of Cry, Sound, and Voice

AMST 355, Between Asia and Asian America

AMST 378, Decolonizing Indigenous Gender and Sexuality


Hemispheric/Transnational Spring 2022

AMST 225, Latinidad:  Introduction to Latina/o Studies

AMST 233, Global Queer Studies

AMST 258, Black Religions in the Americas

AMST 289, Insular Borders of Latin(X) America

AMST 290, Color Lines: the U.S. South and the Colonial World

AMST 292, New Worlds, Indigenous Futures

AMST 307, Indigenous Politics

AMST 312, Americans Abroad: Mapping 19th Century Travel Narratives

AMST 320, Asian American Posthumanisms:  Biopolitics, Ecopoetics, and Literature

AMST 381, Unsovereign Elements, Caribbean Politics

AMST 391, Religion and the Social Construction of Race

AMST 397, United States Overseas Empire