Picture of Rebecca Winkler and ElephantPicture of Rebecca Winkler and Elephant

2015 EcoFeminist Summer Internship Experience Grant Winner -- Rebecca Winkler

Major: Feminist Gender and Sexuality Studies program and Biology

Class: 2016

Rebecca used her Ecofeminist Grant to continue her work studying elephant tourism in Thailand. Her senior honors thesis for FGSS “Walking With Giants: Ecofeminist Insights on Elephant Tourism in Thailand” was the winner of the 2016 Carol B. Ohmann Prize for Best Thesis in FGSS.  Next year she will be working in Thailand, living in  Huay Pakkoot and working for the Mahouts Elephant Foundation.

Katie and Blake

2016 EcoFeminist Summer Internship Experience Grant Winner -- Katie Bartel

Major: University Major in Animal Studies and  Biology

Class: 2017

Katie will use her Ecofeminist Grant to work at VINE Sanctuary, VINE sanctuary, a LBGTQ-run, multi-species community that includes formerly farmed animals in Vermont. She plans to explore how the reproductive capacities of female farm animals, such as cows and chickens, are controlled and exploited for the production of "feminized protein" -- milk and eggs.  She is also interested in examining biopolitical questions about the kinds of bodies that are devalued and commodified due to gender and species membership and what kinds of bodies are made “killable.”

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