Ethics Questionnaire

All Anthropology majors wishing to write a thesis or essay involving fieldwork with human subjects (people) must fill out the Questionnaire on Ethics. The Ethics Questionnaire is due the Friday before Spring Break to the Thesis (and Ethics) Proposal Moodle. Please be sure to include the requested "abstract" (one paragraph description of the project) and your name. Save the file as word document titled "YourName.Ethics" and upload as a separate document (if you are also submitting a thesis proposal).

Completion of Wesleyan's online training course on working with human subjects is required of all students. Unless you are doing more than minimal risk research (defined in the Ethics Questionnaire), managing a research lab, or conducting federally funded research, the online course should provide sufficient training. Please plan ahead to complete the online training course well before the Ethics Questionnaire is due. For more information, Wesleyan's policy for student training in responsible conduct of research (RCR) can be found here.

The Anthropology Department's Ethics and Proposal Review Committee, composed of all faculty members in residence in any given spring semester, will review the Ethics Questionnaire and Thesis Research Proposals. Details regarding the review process can be found here.   

--> see Guidelines to writing a Thesis Proposal