Goffe Wesleyan Summer Experience Grant

New in 2017: Goffe Wesleyan Summer Experience Grant! Established in 2017 by Andrew J. Goffe ’90 in honor of Professor of Anthropology Elizabeth G. Traube, the Goffe Wesleyan Summer Experience Grant Fund provides resources for Anthropology majors who are interested in pursuing summer research opportunities. Preference will be given to those students with demonstrated financial need.

All thesis proposals with fieldwork components will be considered for the Goffe Grant. If students working on other fieldwork-based projects, including essays, wish to compete for these funds, they should submit a brief summary of the project (~750 words), a short list of preliminary sources, and the Goffe Fund Application Page, to the Thesis (and Ethics) Proposal Moodle by the Friday before Spring Break.

Other potential sources of funding:

Wesleyan Summer Grants 

The Davenport Grant (University-wide, social science, public affairs)