Honors in Art History

The Honors Program in art history is designed to meet the needs of Art History majors who wish to pursue a long-term scholarly research project in an area of particular interest. Candidates for honors are also required to earn a minimum GPA of B+ for their major course work and to be compliant with the University's general education expectations (through Stage II). The senior thesis does not replace the two required seminar courses. Students wishing to consider an honors project must discuss their research interests with a member of the art history faculty and secure the professor's agreement to serve as tutor for the project by the last day of classes of the student's junior year. After consulting with the tutor, the student is expected to carry out preliminary research during the course of the summer and is required to submit a detailed proposal and preliminary bibliography for the project by the first Monday after classes start during the fall term of the senior year. No one who fails to meet these minimum requirements will be allowed to pursue honors. The senior thesis courses for honors in the major are ARHA409 (fall) and ARHA410 (spring).

Senior theses must conform to the University's general requirements and deadlines for honors in the senior year, as administered through the Honors Coordinator. Each year's honors candidates will present 20-minute public talks based on their theses or essays. These talks will normally be held in April of the senior year and will be developed in consultation with the students' faculty tutors. For more information and an application form, see the document "Honors in Art History: Regulations and Procedures," available in the department office and via download:

Honors Application

Honors in Art History: Regulations and Procedures

Honors Evaluation Procedures