Services and Programs

Wesleyan services for BLS students in terms when actively enrolled:

  • Standard academic support services
  • ITS services (Portal and Email)
  • Library
  • Accessibility services for students who have documented needs
  • Freeman Athletic Center access
  • Career services
  • Eligible to participate in 12 college exchange and the engineering dual-degree programs
  • Eligible to participate in Yale AFROTC and other ROTC programs if applicable
  • Eligible for Deans list if sufficient credits taken
  • Eligible for Phi Beta Kappa in final term before graduation if other standards met (general education, high enough GPA)
  • Eligible for athletic team participation if NCAA eligibility standards met
  • Additional (standard) fees to access:
    • Parking
    • Meals (BLS students are welcome to dine at all campus dining halls, and pay for meals using cash or debit/credit cards)

Student Activities:

  • BLS students who have paid the Student Activities fee for a specific term may participate, in that term, in student activities such as club sports, other clubs, theater or performance groups, etc. BLS students have the option of requesting an automatic waiver if they do not intend to participate in any campus activities outside of classes (those who take the waiver and then participate will be subject to disciplinary action).

BLS students are NOT eligible for the following Wesleyan programs and services:

  • Housing
  • Health Services/CAPS/Peer Advising/SAR (but proof of health insurance coverage is required in order to enroll in class)
  • Participation in student government
  • Study abroad
  • External special study programs other than those listed above

For questions about BLS student access to specific programs or services not listed here, please email a request for more information to