dispatches from an/other place

As the global pandemic has unfolded over the past several weeks, we have found ourselves in a peculiar moment of shared experience across the globe.  Most of humanity has been ordered to stay indoors, enacting an extraordinary collective confinement unique in our history.  For those of us who make up Wesleyan, we find ourselves in a disorienting moment – separated from friends and colleagues, displaced from our community, striving to find ways to continue the meaningful work we were doing as students or staff.  These weekly newsletters are small dispatches from my corner of this new place we have found ourselves in, tidbits to help make meaning and perhaps even find joy in times of turmoil.  

Reactions or suggestions for things to share are welcome: trahman@wesleyan.edu.   

Dispatch 1: "In perfect solitude, there's fire


Dispatch 2: "The homing sentiment"

Dispatch 2 Page 1

 Dispatch 3: Kith and Kin

Dispatch 3

Dispatch 4: "How infinitely the heart expands"

Dispatch 4

Dispatch 5: "The covenant between us"

Dispatch 5

Dispatch 6: Transformation

Dispatch 6