Wesleyan University Initial Career Outcomes

Wesleyan graduates pursue a wide array of professional paths. The following information represents outcomes data on the Class of 2019 collected by the Gordon Career Center through December 31, 2019*. Our knowledge rate is 92%, which includes data collected through surveys, employers, Wesleyan faculty and staff, and social media.

Wesleyan Class of 2019 Initial Career Outcomes:

Wesleyan Class of 2019 Employment by Industry

Top Employers of the Class of 2019:

Booz Allen Hamilton (7) Apple (2)
Columbia University (4) Barclays (2)
Google, Inc. (4) Brattle Group (2)
Wesleyan University (4) Bridgewater Associates (2)
Accenture (3) Capstone Headwaters (2)
Analysis Group (3) Charles River Associates (2)
AVODAH: The Jewish Service Corps (3) Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (2)
Capital Group (3) Epsilon (2)
City Year (3) Fulbright Association (2)
Boston Children's Hospital (3) Kite (2)
Boston Medical Center (3) Massachusetts General Hospital (2)
Elite Scholars of China (3) ScribeAmerica (2)
Epic (3) Uncommon Schools (2)
NYC Civilian Complaint Review Board (3) United Talent Agency (2)
OnPrem Solution Partners, LLC (3) WeWork (2)
Silicon Valley Bank (3) Yale University (2)
Argus Information & Advisory Services (2) Yelp (2)

Graduate and Professional School Enrollment for the Class of 2019

Aalborg University
American University
Autonomous Univeristy of Barcelona
Babson College
Boston University
Brandeis University
Brown University
California Institute of the Arts
Christie's Education 
City University of New York
Clemson University
Columbia University
Cornell University
Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology 
General Assembly 
Harvard University
Houston University of St. Thomas
Imperial College London
Kings College London
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Mercy College of Health Sciences
Middlebury College
New York University
Northwestern University
Oxford University
Philadelphia school of massage
Pratt Institute
Princeton University
Quinnipiac University
Rochester Institute of Technology
Stockholm University
Suffolk University
Thomas Jefferson University
Universidad Pontificia Comillas
Universität Konstanz 
University of Amsterdam
University of California System
University of California–Berkeley
University of Cambridge
University of Chicago
University of Edinburgh
University of London
University of Maryland–Baltimore
University of Massachusetts–Amherst
University of Oxford
University of Pennsylvania
University of San Francisco
University of Southern California
University of Texas–Austin
Vancouver Film School
Virginia Commonwealth University
Wesleyan University
Yale School of Nursing
Yale University

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For information regarding Law School Admissions, click here.

*Data has been collected and reported in accordance with the National Association of Colleges and Employers Standards and Protocols for the Collection and Dissemination of Graduating Student Initial Outcomes Information for Undergraduates. For data collected at graduation, see Wesleyan’s Office of Institutional Research.

**Employment refers to the percentage of graduates that are employed full time or part time, including entrepreneurs, on a temporary/contract work assignment, freelancers, those in postgraduate internships or fellowships, and other work categories.

***Students not seeking employment or continuing education indicated a number of reasons, including intentions for travel, volunteer work, performing arts auditions, and preparation for graduate school.

****Other refers to specific intentions toward volunteer work, military service, or service organizations.