Flagship Events

Each year the Gordon Career Center offers a number of career-related programs and events designed to support Wesleyan students' career development. The information below pertains to our annual offerings and includes information for alumni, parents, and employers who would like to get involved with our office by participating in an event. To see the rest of our upcoming events visit the calendar feed on our homepage or if you are a student, log-in to your account on Handshake. 


Accelerate is a job search boot camp for seniors and juniors planning on applying for positions via the Gordon Career Center's Fall On-Campus Recruiting program. It is intended to provide students with will real-time guidance in order to prepare for interviews and evaluate offers of employment. Lunch will be served and will include Q&A with GCC staff.

Connect@WES: Creating Connections

Connect@WES is the Gordon Career Center's annual networking event designed to help students of all class-years to prepare for professional networking and interviewing situations. Students rotate through short one-on-one sessions with alumni, parent, and employer Expert Advisors to practice their personal pitches. Expert Advisors offer students feedback on their personal presentation skills and guidance on how they can make their networking conversations stronger and more effective. This format encourages students to build confidence in professional settings and the opportunity to practice networking in a fail-safe environment. Students register annually for Connect@WES on Handshake. In Fall of 2019, Connect@WES will take place on November 1st.

Become an Expert Advisor
We are always looking for alumni, parent, and employer volunteers to be Expert Advisors for Connect@Wes. This is an excellent opportunity to meet and talk with several undergraduate students from various backgrounds and is a great way to source talent and get to know Wesleyan students. If you are interested in volunteering to be an Expert Advisor or if you would like more information about this event, please contact Anne Holstead Santaniello

WEShadow Externship Program

The WEShadow Externship Program provides students with opportunities to explore various careers by shadowing a Wesleyan alum or parent at their place of work during the first two full-weeks of January. Shadow opportunities range from 1 day to 1 week and may include observing a professional or participating in a specific project within an organization or business. Students apply to WEShadow Externships during the fall semester on Handshake. 

Become a WEShadow Host
Alumni, parent, and employer volunteers are always needed to be WEShadow hosts. Hosts are not responsible for housing, travel, or a stipend for the participating student. All currently enrolled Wesleyan students can participate in the WEShadow program. The application process is open (i.e., the Gordon Career Center does not screen certain applicants for certain positions) and therefore we cannot guarantee that all hosts will receive applications. Hosts will be provided a packet of applications for the externship opportunity they are offering and will be asked to review the materials and select final candidates. Once selected, students and hosts will coordinate the specific dates of the externship within the first two full weeks of January. If you are interested in volunteering to be a WEShadow Host or if you would like more information about this program, please contact Anne Holstead Santaniello

Winter on Wyllys

Winter on Wyllys (part of Winter at Wesleyan) encompasses a variety of career programming options designed for students to focus on their own career development over Winter Break. Annual programs include two concurrent, week-long intensive career development programs taught by Gordon Career Center Staff: CareerLab for those preparing to enter the job market, and Careers by Design for those students who are unsure of what they want to do after graduation. Be sure to visit the Winter on Wyllys page to see a full listing of career development opportunities to take advantage of over winter break.