Skill Building at Wesleyan

There are a variety of opportunities for Wesleyan students to build career-related skills while on-campus during their undergraduate years. These include a number of academic courses, winter and summer programs, on-campus job and internship opportunities, on-campus and via-campus resources, professional affinity networks, campus clubs and organizations, and 

Academic Courses

Service Learning Course Cluster

Service-Learning integrates experiences outside the classroom with an academic curriculum taught within the classroom. As one form of experiential education, service-learning seeks to broaden students understanding of course content through activities which are, at the same time, of service to the community. Through structured reflection on their service, students are able to test and deepen their understanding of theoretical approaches in virtually any discipline.

BIOL131                Service-Learning Clinical Experience at Connecticut Valley Hospital
E&ES322               Introduction to GIS
COMP342              Software Engineering
MUSC463              Teaching Music Lessons to Children in Local Schools
CSPL210               Money and Social Change: Innovative Paradigms and Strategies

Certificate in the Study of Education

The Certificate in the Study of Education is designed to help students look critically at educational institutions, practices, and thinking in the United States and abroad—from the elementary to the university level. The majority of the courses required for the certificate focus on the psychological and sociological dimensions of education. Courses from other parts of the university focus on the tools and skills for analyzing education and on broader contexts within the history and philosophy of knowledge.  Another category of courses provides students with concrete teaching experience in a variety of instructional settings.  The goal is to help students acquire a deeper understanding of education and its relationship to society. The Certificate in the Study of Education does not provide the course credentials for CT State Initial Educator Certification that are required for teaching positions in public schools.

CHEM241             Informal Science Education for Elementary School Students I
MUSC463             Teaching Music Lessons to Children in Local Schools
PSYC320              Cognition, Learning, and Instruction in the Classroom

Quantitative Analysis Center

The Quantitative Analysis Center (QAC) is a collaborative effort of academic and administrative departments. It coordinates support for quantitative analysis across the curriculum and provides an institutional framework for collaboration across departments and disciplines in the area of data analysis.

QAC201                 Applied Data Analysis
QAC151                 Working with Excel and VBA
QAC282                 Economics of Big Data
QAC156                 Working with R
QAC157                 Working with SAS
QAC155                 Working with Python
QAC380                 Introduction to Statistical Consulting
QAC231                 Introduction to (Geo)Spatial Data Analysis and Visualization
QAC344                 Advanced GIS and Spatial Analyses
QAC241                 Introduction to Network Analysis

Additional Examples of Courses with Practical Skills Components

ECON300              Quantitative Methods in Economics
ECON329              Corporate Finance
ECON385              Econometrics
ECON127              Introduction to Financial Accounting
COMP112              Introduction to Programming
COMP211              Computer Science I
COMP212              Computer Science II

Winter and Summer Programs

Winter on Wyllys encompasses a variety of career programming options designed for students to focus on their own career development over Winter Break. Careers by Design and CareerLab are intensive week-long courses taught by Gordon Career Center staff designed for career exploration and career development skill building.

Wall Street Prep

Wall Street Prep conducts on-campus financial modeling and finance interview prep boot camps at top undergraduate and MBA programs around the world. Their boot camps are direct adaptations of the training they conduct at some of the biggest investment banks, private equity, and financial institutions around the world. Students learn to build financial and valuation models using real case studies, employing the same tools and methodologies they would on the job. Upon course completion, students receive high-quality materials and access to resources that enable them to revisit concepts as they prepare for interviews, internships, and full-time positions.

HBS CORe (Credential of Readiness)

HBS CORe is a 150-hour, online program delivered over 8 to 12 weeks.  Created by Harvard Business School faculty and staff, the program teaches the fundamentals of business through 3 courses: Business Analytics, Financial Accounting, and Economics for Managers, using the HBS case method. CORe is ideal for many undergraduate students, as the material can be a good supplement to their existing coursework, and the program is designed to fit with a student’s summer internship/plans. Students, to learn more about this program and how to enroll click here.

On-Campus Jobs & Internships

Many on-campus jobs and internships offered throughout the academic year and in the summer are a great way to learn or build-on a skill set that is transferable to full-time post-graduate positions. Examples of robust on-campus opportunities include:                  

Gordon Career Center -- Peer Career Advisor 
Center for the Arts -- Summer Programs Intern 
Center for the Arts -- Arts Administration Intern 
Davison Art Center -- Jim Dine Curatorial Intern 
Department of Computer Science -- Humanitarian Free and Open Software (HFOSS) Internship 
Information Technology Services -- Coursera Teaching Intern 
Information Technology Services -- Web Programming Intern 
Institutional Research -- Department Intern 
Investments Office -- Investments Intern 
Office of Admission -- Admission Intern 
Office of Health Education -- WesWELL Internship 
Office of Health Education -- WesBAM! Manager
Office of Residential Life -- Head Resident 
Office of University Communications -- Publication Production Assistant 
Psychology Department -- Social Psychology Network Intern 
Quantitative Analysis Center -- Summer Apprenticeship 
Student Involvement -- Leadership Intern 
Student Involvement -- Queer Community Intern 
Student Involvement -- Student of Color Coalition Intern 
University Relations -- Digital Content Intern 
Wesleyan University Press -- Editorial Assistant

On-Campus/Via Campus Resources

The Allbritton Center

The Allbritton Center is the hub of civic engagement at Wesleyan.  The center focuses on the study public life, actively partners with the local and regional community, and teaches practical skills for social impact.

The Service-Learning Center

Service-Learning integrates experiences outside the classroom with an academic curriculum taught within the classroom. As one form of experiential education, service-learning seeks to broaden students understanding of course content through activities which are, at the same time, of service to the community. Through structured reflection on their service, students are able to test and deepen their understanding of theoretical approaches in virtually any discipline. In the past, service-learning courses at Wesleyan have conducted the homeless count required by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development for the Middlesex Supportive Housing Coalition; examined the effect of local preschools on preparing kindergarteners to be school-ready, for the Middletown School Readiness Council; studied the North End landfill to determine whether the methane it produced could be harvested economically; taught 20th century music compositional techniques to Middletown High School students; and aided medical research at the Community Health Clinic.

The Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship

The Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship (PCSE) supports students and alumni interested in creating and sustaining programs, businesses, and organizations that advance the public good. The PCSE offers workshops and trainings, specialized counseling and networking services, grants, and incubator workspace on Wesleyan's campus. Previously offered skill-related workshops included “Business Plan Essentials,” “Philanthropy & Grant Writing,” “Angel Investment & Venture Capital,” “International Microfinance,” and “Building an NGO from the Ground Up.”

The Center for Community Partnerships  

Combining the assets of the Service-Learning Center, the Office of Community Service and Volunteerism, the Office of Community Relations, the Green Street Arts Center/PIMMS and the Center for Prison Education, the CCP seeks to serve the development of both the individual and the community, guided by principles of mutual respect and shared responsibility.

The Office of Community Service and Volunteerism (OCS) fosters community building within the University and with the communities of Middletown and Middlesex County. OCS maintains the spirit of public service at Wesleyan by offering opportunities to participate in volunteer work, providing work-study placements in the community, and supporting student-sponsored social action initiatives. A number of local volunteer opportunities, such as working for the Community Health Center and tutoring in the local schools, provide students with transferable skills.

The Center for Prison Education (CPE) offers a high-caliber liberal arts education inside prison walls. CPE’s mission is to advance Wesleyan's commitment to civic engagement by offering college courses to incarcerated individuals, in order both to enrich the lives of those who are systematically denied access to educational opportunities and to enhance Wesleyan's academic community. Students can become involved with the Center by volunteering at York Prison for Women and facilitating informal academic workshops, by enrolling in the Prison Education Student Forum, and by volunteering as a Writing Tutor for the courses offered at Cheshire Prison or as a policy or administrative CPE Intern.

Professional Affinity Networks

Wesleyan’s Professional Affinity Networks exist to deepen and strengthen the Wesleyan connection among participants, thereby enriching its members, the Wesleyan community, and the world. Wesleyan alumni with an interest in building and maintaining relationships through the common bonds of their chosen professions and professional expertise are resources to each other and undergraduates who are interested in similar career fields.

WAPPSWesleyan Alumni in Philanthropy and Public Service (WAPPS) is a non-partisan, volunteer-driven network of talented alumni committed to philanthropy and public service. With chapters in Boston, New York, D.C. and San Francisco, WAPPS embraces the common bonds of our “Middletown education” and public spirit ethos by building deeper relationships, exchanging knowledge and strengthening our community’s social impact by bringing together the diverse alumni population working across the public/private sectors committed to serving the common good. 


WesFABWesleyan Alumni in Finance, Banking and Investment-Related Careers (WesFAB) provides a platform for alumni in the finance industry to meet peers and creates programs that discuss trending topics and showcase alumni experts within the field. The group also endeavors to develop undergraduates and young alumni who are new to the field. The transition from a dynamic liberal arts institution to the finance industry may be considered a non-conventional path, and WesFAB is comprised of ambitious, dedicated alumni who are committed to supporting group members in the finance and banking and investment-related fields, new and seasoned alike.


WLAThe Wesleyan Lawyers Association (WLA) is an organization that provides a forum for networking, learning about pro bono opportunities and current developments in the law, in addition to mentoring Wesleyan students and graduates with an interest in the law.

Digital WesleyanDigital Wesleyan is about celebrating an industry where Wesleyan's influence is strong and growing: Digital Media. Wesleyan graduates lead the industry as investors, including RRE Ventures, Union Square Ventures and the private equity partnership of ZelnickMedia. Wesleyan can be proud of innovative new media start-ups like Betaworks, Politico, Blip TV, Switchgames, and Unigo, all finding creative and successful ways to push the boundaries of traditional media. 

Campus Clubs & Organizations

Becoming involved with clubs and organizations on-campus is a great way to gain experience and build new skills. Specific examples of clubs geared toward building career-related skills include:

The American Medical Student Association - a national organization created for physicians in training. Wesleyan AMSA is devoted to creating health-related events for the Wesleyan and general Middletown community.

Espwesso is a late night cafe run by students for the Wesleyan community, serving premium coffee, espresso drinks, tea and more. The cafe's supply chain and coffee preparation supports economic and environmental sustainability in a number of industries. Leadership positions include General Manager, and Business/Financial Manager

The Wesleyan Abortion Doula Project provides nearby Planned Parenthood clinics with trained abortion doulas. Abortion doulas provide physical, emotional, and informational support to patients throughout the course of their procedure. The Project holds biannual training doula weekends for those who would like to volunteer.

Traverse Square is a student-run and neighborhood-based after-school program, which provides a community setting for Middletown children to receive academic and social support. Helping the children with their homework is the main goal of the program, and they also provide academic enrichment, recreational activities, and Friday afternoon fieldtrips for the students.

Wesleyan Collegiate Health Services Corps (CHSC) is a professional development club with the goal of increasing understanding of healthcare professions, health disparities, and cultural competency. CHSC works with Central Connecticut Area Health Education Center (AHEC) to offer opportunities for students to get involved in healthcare through volunteering and shadowing. Members have the chance to develop their own projects and experience different aspects of public health through service learning that promotes preventative healthcare in the Middletown community.

The Wesleyan Consulting Group is a dedicated team of students providing pro-bono management consulting services to local nonprofits and small businesses. 

WesEMT encourages students to take Wesleyan’s Emergency Medical Technician Course which certifies them as a nationally recognized EMT, and provides students with the necessary skills needed to save lives. 

Let's Get Ready is a national organization with chapters at Northeastern and Mid-Atlantic schools like Wesleyan pairing motivated and talented college students with economically or socially disadvantaged, free and reduced price lunch receiving, or first-generation college-bound high school students for free SAT and college preparedness classes. Wesleyan students volunteer to coach small classes of either math or verbal SAT materials, as well as help students, prepare their personal statements, fill out their Common Applications and financial aid materials, and refine their college searches. 

Kai Entrepreneurship (or Kai for short) is based out of Wesleyan University in Middletown, CT. Kai is a completely student run 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that creates programs and highlights existing programs that promote openness, inclusion, and community in tech and social entrepreneurship.

There are also a number of organizations that will allow you to hone and grow your writing skills whether it be writing for the campus newspaper, The Argus, Wesleyan’s student-run blog, Wesleying, or writing for one of the numerous Magazines produced on-campus.

Lynda.comAll Wesleyan students, faculty, and staff have access to, an online subscription library that teaches the latest software tools and skills through high-quality instructional videos taught by recognized industry experts. boasts more than 1,400 training videos on a broad range of subjects, including photography, design, music and video, home computing, animation, and web design and development.  Acquire comprehensive training in popular applications such as Microsoft Office for both PC and Mac and Adobe Acrobat Professional. New courses are added every week. Access the library 24/7—even from your iPhone, iPad, Android device, or mobile phone—and watch entire courses or single tutorial videos, as you need them. Exercise files let you follow along with the instruction as you learn, and bookmarks help you keep track of what you’d like to watch.