Gilbert Clee Scholarship

The Gilbert Clee Scholarship is awarded annually to one student of Wesleyan University in their penultimate year at the University. To be eligible, a student must be currently enrolled at the University. Friends and associates of Gilbert Harrison Clee, Wesleyan class of 1935, and the late President of the Board of Trustees of Wesleyan University established the Scholarship in his memory. The Scholarship is an internship as a Summer Business Analyst at McKinsey.

To be eligible, an individual must have demonstrated high standards of leadership, a deep commitment to Wesleyan University, an interest in management consulting, and a desire to work with global organizations. 

Selection will be made without reference to financial need. The Clee Scholar will receive an initial $2500 prize. A McKinsey representative will work with the Clee Scholar to help identify a location for the McKinsey internship. 

Please use Handshake, our career management platform, to apply to the scholarship. The application is typically posted in early August with a deadline of early October. The application includes: resume, unofficial copy of your transcript, 90-second video of yourself answering the question "Tell me about yourself and your interest in McKinsey", a 500-word essay discussing your interest in working with multinational organizations as a management consultant. 

A committee including the Gordon Career Center’s Executive Director, Sharon Belden Castonguay, and Wesleyan alumni at McKinsey review applications and select candidates to interview, conduct the interviews, and then make the final decision on the Gilbert Clee Scholar for the year.

Please feel free to contact the Career Center at (860) 685-2180 to make an appointment with Anne Laskowski if you have any questions about the Clee Scholarship.


Q: How important is GPA?
A: It is important, but not everything. There is not a minimum GPA needed in order to apply. The committee looks at an applicant’s entire application and areas such as work experience, extracurricular involvement, etc. are also very important. With that being said, it is a competitive process, and average GPA’s of former Clee Scholars tend to be 3.7 or higher.

Q: How creative does video have to be?
A: Should be business professional. The committee cares more about what is being said and how it is being said than any special video effects.  

Q: I am not an Economics or CSS major, can I still apply?
A: Yes, McKinsey takes students from all majors. In the past, Clee Scholars have primarily been CSS/Econ majors however, that is not the reason they were selected.

Q: What does committee look for?
A: Same thing McKinsey looks for: leadership, impact, academic excellence, drive, entrepreneurial spirit and problem-solving/analytic capabilities.  

Q: What if my essay is a few words over the limit?
A: A few words over is ok, however, do not be well over the limit. You should be able to sufficiently answer the question in the word limit.

Q: Should I apply to the general McKinsey internship in addition to Gilbert Clee Scholarship?:
A: Yes, while it could be viewed as more competitive to apply through the general application, it can’t hurt to give yourself another shot.